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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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House panel approves bill that aims to review state tax activity effectiveness, fiscal impact

HF1019 would create a Tax Expenditure Review Commission staffed by the Legislative Budget Office.

Bill banning perc, prioritizing dry cleaners for cleanup funds clears House

A bill banning a hazardous dry-cleaning solvent and prioritizing Minnesota dry cleaners for access to an industry-funded state account for environmental cleanup projects has been passed.

Education committee considers changes to the teacher licensure system

Since the state’s current teacher licensure system went into effect a few years ago it has been a source of ongoing discussions.

Benefits extension sought for school bus drivers, other hourly school workers

School bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and other hourly school workers who have little or no income while schools are on break could become eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

Dangers of skin-lightening creams could be highlighted by grant program

HF1419 would create and fund a grant program through the Department of Health to increase public awareness on the dangers of these products.

Board of Animal Health could be restructured after CWD criticism

Sponsored by Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL-South St. Paul), HF1137 would expand the Board of Animal Health, which oversees its namesake agency, to nine members instead of the current five.

Nonpartisan House office honored for informing Minnesotans

The entire nonpartisan House Public Information Services Department has been honored for its work, as has Steve Senyk, director of Senate Media Services.

Week in Review: Feb. 22-26

Evening meetings and long Fridays are the norm now that the Legislature stands two weeks away from the first committee deadline March 12. That's when committees must act favorab...

New consumer protections considered for mail-order prescriptions

Whether because of convenience or necessity, many Minnesotans have come to rely on prescription drugs delivered by mail. But some of these medications can be impacted by variati...

Lawmakers learn about ‘crisis situation’ of inmate deaths in state prisons and jails

HF1267 would mandate policy reforms and strengthen standards to improve safety for inmates and staff in state and local correctional facilities.

Price gouging during disasters could become a crime

Minnesota could join 35 others states and Washington D.C. in making price gouging during disasters and emergencies illegal.

'Driver's licenses for all' bill clears first House hurdle

The so-called “driver’s licenses for all” bill, HF1163, was approved 10-5 by the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee Friday on a party-line vote, and sent to the House Transportation Finance and Policy Committee.

Latest budget forecast puts state back in the black

About those looming state budget deficits? Never mind. Minnesota Management and Budget officials released the February 2021 Budget and Economic Forecast Friday, and the...

Environment panel approves update to motorboat, recreational vehicle DUI provisions

A bill ensuring motorboat and recreational vehicle DUI provisions are the same as motor vehicle DUI provisions has been approved by a House panel.

Funding for mental health and school support staff included in governor’s E-12 proposal

Following an informational overview from the Department of Education a few weeks ago, the House Education Finance Committee took another look at Gov. Tim Walz’s Due North budget...

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