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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Lengthy list of to-do's at Legislature with week left before adjournment

With a week to go before the constitutionally mandated adjournment date, optimism wanes every hour that conference committee budget targets are not agreed to by legislative leaders and Gov. Tim Walz on a roughly $52 billion budget for the upcoming biennium.

Week in Review: May 3-7

Conference committees worked in fits and starts on their omnibus bills this week, doing what they could to lay the groundwork, and find harmony where possible, that will allow t...

Omnibus pension and retirement bill gains committee approval

Sponsored by Rep. Michael Nelson (DFL-Brooklyn Center), HF1758, was amended and approved Friday by the House State Government Finance and Elections Committee.

Bill to create alternative to custody warrants passes House

A bill that would provide an alternative to warrants requiring police officers to take a person into custody if they have missed a court date for certain low-level offenses has ...

Police reform proposals get lukewarm Senate response in conference committee

The House version of the omnibus judiciary and public safety policy and finance bill has more than two-dozen proposals on reforming police procedures, many developed in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Philando Castile and others during encounters with police.

Money matches up in House, Senate Legacy bills — but not where to spend it

While most conference committees are awaiting word from legislative leaders on their budget targets, the Legacy Conference Committee has known how much money it’s authorized to spend for quite some time now.

Lawmakers get to work on crafting compromise HHS budget bill

The omnibus health and human services conference committee got underway Wednesday beginning work on crafting a multibillion-dollar bill that will address everything from continued COVID-19 response efforts to addressing child care and housing stability.

American Rescue Plan means changes for Minnesota taxpayers

What can ARPA do for you? Signed into law in March, The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, will affect several aspects of life for your average Minnesotan. One of them is taxes.

A loan against the vortex: House panel approves price spike protection

A bill establishing that loan fund, HF1135/SF1018* — sponsored by Rep. Robert Bierman (DFL-Apple Valley) and Sen. David Senjem (R-Rochester) — passed the Senate on March 25 by a 66-0 vote.

House, Senate begin work on bridging $620.5 million divide on education bill

With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, the omnibus education bill conference committee has the difficult task of bridging vastly different perspectives on how best to fund and support students, staff and schools in the coming years.

Tax bills bear big differences on the bottom line

While all other conference committees discuss spending, the taxes conference committee deals with the revenue side of the ledger.

Transportation conferees begin work while waiting for final budget target

Conferees working to reach agreement on the omnibus transportation finance and policy bill had an amicable start during their first meeting Monday, receiving an overview and a side-by-side comparison of the two bills they will need to reconcile.

Path to compromise on omnibus environment bill as conference committee kicks off

The process of reconciling the House and Senate versions of the omnibus environment and natural resources bill began Monday, with conferees hearing overviews of the proposals.

Conferees cultivate plan to resolve differences in agriculture and broadband legislation

Only $1.6 million separates the 2022-23 biennial spending requests in the House and Senate versions of the bill, which are $169.5 million and $167.9 million, respectively.

Conferees find House wants renewables, Senate health reinsurance

It’s not as much about how much money, but where to spend it. That’s the key difference House and Senate conferees are discussing in the omnibus commerce, consumer protection, and energy policy and finance bills that each chamber produced.

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