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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Should a portion of a college sports ticket be tax deductible? Bill says ‘yes’

HF298 would make the portion of a college sporting event ticket earmarked for scholarships a tax-deductible donation.

House vote puts dentists a step closer to aiding vaccine distribution efforts

Dentists are currently qualified to administer influenza vaccines – but they may soon be able to provide COVID-19 vaccines as well.

Bill aims to remove ‘humiliation and trauma’ of shackling juvenile defendants

Criminal justice, especially juvenile justice, is all about rehabilitation, says Rep. Jamie Long (DFL-Mpls).

Transportation panel learns more about Metro Transit's bus rapid transit plans

The House Transportation Finance and Policy Committee discussed several proposals Thursday that would help fund bus rapid transit lines, including two that would use bonding dollars to pay for the bulk of the work.

New power agreement could ensure ash waste wood management

Xcel Energy could be allowed to continue buying electricity from a St. Paul power plan that generates power in part by burning trees from emerald ash borer-infected cities and counties.

Early childhood educator incentive programs could get funding boost

HF260 would create and appropriate funds to two competitive grant programs geared toward financially incentivizing child care providers and educators to enter and remain in the profession.

Nearly $300,000 sought to promote support for people with intellectual, developmental disabilities

HF923, sponsored by Rep. Joe McDonald (R-Delano), would appropriate $143,000 in both fiscal year 2022 and 2023 from the General Fund to maintain and promote self-advocacy services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Committee considers more money for getting to school safely

If you want Minnesota schoolchildren to be healthier and safer, where the rubber meets the road may actually be where the rubber meets the sidewalk. That would be the rubber on ...

Bill aims to make ‘much-needed changes’ to child support formulas

Child support amounts for divorcing parents are spelled out in law in the form of a table with calculations based on combined monthly parental incomes and the number of children.

State’s hotels could gain a new tool for recovery

The past year has been difficult for the hospitality industry, and the consensus among industry professionals is recovery is going to take a while.

Workers’ compensation changes proposed for teachers with COVID-19

Minnesota school employees who have contracted the coronavirus since last summer could become much more successful in COVID-19-related workers’ compensation claims.

Mandatory reporting for prenatal care providers discourages treatment, advocates say

HF1026 would exempt prenatal care providers from the mandatory reporting of women who use a controlled substance during pregnancy, eliminating barriers to prenatal care and improving access to addiction services.

Governor’s education policy plan draws strong reactions on House panel

Gov. Tim Walz’s education policy proposal includes a variety of new and previously debated measures that aim to tackle student “challenges of the past and present.”

Lawmakers consider increasing MN biofuel standard

HF1433 would require Minnesota service stations to sell gas containing at least 15% ethanol by volume — or E15 gasoline — by 2022.

Funding sought to boost construction careers for underrepresented groups

HF715 would appropriate $750,000 in the 2022-23 biennium to the foundation to provide year-round educational and experiential learning opportunities for teens and young adults under the age of 21 that lead to careers in the construction industry.

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