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News from Representative Kresha 05-04-2015

Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear friends,
First and foremost, we are less than one week away from Mother's Day. I am sure we all can attest to how important mom is in our lives. Knowing how much my mother did for me and how much my wife has done for my children, gives me great pause and respect for all the moms. So to all my fellow men-folk who are excited about trying to catch fish next weekend for that other event, don't forget the women who brought us here. The weather week is shaping up nicely.
House Tax Bill
This week we passed the tax budget bill. In this bill there is tax relief for retired veterans and social security recipients. We simply would not be where we are today without the sacrifices of our veterans and the previous generation so I believe it is good policy to make sure the latter years of life are respected and taxed further. Also in this bill, hard-working families will see further relief. Especially families with dependents. Providing economic security to our families will help make our communities viable and strong.
Child Protection
I am honored that my child protection improvements and funding requests were included in the Health and Human Services bill. Unfortunately too many adults are mistreating kids. This is one area of policy that I simply won't compromise on. Our kids need role models and champions, not neglect and abuse. I have and always fought hard for the most vulnerable among us, and will continue to do so.
Rural Broadband
Also in our budget is a request for continued rural broadband grants and to keep the Office of Broadband viable.
Avian Flu
Lastly, we have made the Avian flu front and center in our disaster response this year. The Governor has agreed and we are doing everything we can to insulate our turkey growers from this terrible situation. The best thing we can do is eat more turkey! Keep in mind our food supply remains safe.
Have a great weekend!