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Koznick Connection: Legislative Update (May 20, 2022)

Friday, May 20, 2022

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are entering the final weekend of the 2022 legislative session and with just days to go until final adjournment, I am continuing to work as hard to stop out-of-control, and ongoing spending and to return the state’s budget surplus to you and your family.

Unfortunately, reports earlier in the week revealed that Governor Walz, Speaker of the House Hortman, and Senate Majority Leader Miller have other ideas.

$4 Billion Here, $4 Billion There, $4 Billion Everywhere!

Their agreed-upon budget framework includes $4 billion in new spending, a $4 billion tax bill, and another $4 billion left on the bottom line. The problems are that much of the spending is ongoing, the tax bill is more tax credits instead of cuts and long term reductions and the $4 billion left unspent may evaporate with an economic downturn, which is becoming more likely.

At a time when state government is already fully funded thanks to the two-year budget that was approved last year and when Minnesotans are struggling with the highest rates of inflation seen in 40+ years, it is simply unacceptable for legislative leaders and Governor Walz to spend half of the surplus on growing government even bigger.

Minnesota’s historic budget surplus belongs to you and you deserve your money back!

Keep this in mind… Minnesota received more than $80 Billion in funding from the federal government in COVID relief. There is no need for massive new permanent spending increases paid for by taxpayers struggling with inflation. Schools received nearly $3 billion in new money alone. Absent a good tax agreement first, I owe it to you to hold off on unnecessary spending without providing relief to overtaxed families.

While we still aren’t sure how things will unfold over the final weekend of session, I am hopeful that the dramatic, proposed 15% increase in spending will be dropped for a stronger tax cuts for Minnesotans. Structural, ongoing tax reforms or cuts is the most efficient way to return the surplus and minimize inflation and re strengthen the economy.

End of session, Spring visitors!


While both the weather and debate heat up this time of year, it’s a wonderful break to have students visit on field trips too. Thanks to the Century Middle school students, parents and teachers for the visit.

Keep an eye on your inbox as I plan to update you again once the legislative session concludes Sunday evening.  It seems like some of the Spending Deal may be falling apart.

I appreciate your trust and support to represent our common sense values. I remain committed to advocating for you to make our state stronger and better by protecting our families, our freedoms, and our futures.  

Jon Koznick
State Representative