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Koznick Connection: Legislative Update (April 26, 2024)

Friday, April 26, 2024

Good morning, Friends,

This year’s Tax Day was especially painful because, since the last time we all had to file our taxes, Democrats in Minnesota have raised them by $10 billion.




The new taxes impact all areas of our lives including a gas tax, delivery tax, payroll taxes that take more money directly out of your check, and sales tax increases for the metro area.

In an effort to address this and provide the relief that you deserve, I have authored two bills that would roll back some of these new taxes. Transportation-related tax increases accounted for $3.5 billion of Democrats’ $10 billion in new taxes last year.

House File 4858 would repeal a variety of transportation-related tax increases that were approved last year. This includes increases in vehicle registration and tab fees, a gas tax increase that is now tied to inflation, the metro area transit tax, and more.

With inflation high and continuing to make life more expensive for us all, repealing these specific transportation taxes would put more money back into your pocket and make it less expensive for goods and services to travel on our highways and roads.

House File 4504 would repeal the delivery tax that Democrats approved last year. The delivery tax was a $513 million tax that will impact Amazon deliveries, DoorDash, Pizza shops, and everything in between making these goods and services more expensive.


Sanctuary State Concerns Town Hall

Thank you to the hundreds of residents who attended my town hall meeting last month discussing Democrats’ proposal that would turn Minnesota into a sanctuary state.

It was great to connect with you and discuss ways we can continue to push back against Democrats’ radical agenda to transform Minnesota and how badly we need balance in St. Paul.


As a reminder, the Democrat proposal, if it were to become law, would ban state and local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration authorities—effectively turning Minnesota into a magnet for illegal immigration.

We should be a welcoming state for those that come here legally that want to build a better life for themselves and their family. However, illegal immigration is a federal crime and Minnesota should instead be working with federal authorities to secure our borders and stop the flow of fentanyl and human trafficking that is causing so much pain in our communities.


“Speaking Proudly”

I encourage all high school girls to consider participating in this year’s Speaking Proudly 2024 oratory competition.

Speaking Proudly is open to Minnesota high school girls in grades 9-12. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit project of Metro Republican Women, with help from other Minnesota Federation of Republican Women clubs.

Students can learn more information about the competition and to apply at


McGuire Middle School Visits

Spring brings student field trips and the end of session. We had some fun questions and time on the house floor with almost 300 kids.  We usually don’t have time to allow students on the floor but because of Passover Break, it was a highlight of the visit. 


If you would like a capitol tour, contact the MN Historical Society at

Thank you for your ongoing support as session closes and I work to represent our communities.

Please share this Koznick Connection with neighbors who would be interested. They can sign up for future Koznick Connections here. 

Jon Koznick
State Representative