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Capitol Newsletter from Rep. John Poston

Friday, April 29, 2022

Dear Neighbors,

It’s been a busy week in St. Paul as we’ve spent our time debating and voting on several of the House Democrat majority’s omnibus supplemental budget bills. Remember, last year was the budget year, so state government is already fully funded.

In total, the Democrat House majority plans to increase state government spending by $7.4 billion. If their plan was signed into law, Minnesota would spend $59 billion during this current budget cycle. 

Across their supplemental budget proposal, Democrats are looking to spend more than $21 for every $1 in tax cuts. This is unacceptable at a time when the state has a $9.3 billion budget surplus. This surplus belongs to you! That’s why I continue to push for permanent and meaningful tax cuts.

Here’s a brief rundown of a few of the supplemental budget bills that have been debated his week. Because of a lack of fiscal restraint and radical policies, I voted against each of these bills.

Education: This bill increases spending by more than $1 billion and imposes classroom mandates where bureaucrats, not parents, decide what’s best for students and where political indoctrination is more important than providing students with a well-rounded education needed to succeed. 

Transportation and State Government Finance: spends a tremendous amount of taxpayer dollars on growing the size of government and bypasses years of tradition that changes to Minnesota election laws should have broad bipartisan support. Instead, House Democrats are pushing policies that change how municipalities conduct elections and campaign finance changes that will have a chilling effect on free speech.

Environment: instead of common-sense policies that fulfill our responsibility to preserve and maintain Minnesota’s rich natural resources for generations to come, Democrats are wasting taxpayer dollars and are pushing anti-business and anti-farming regulations that grant sweeping authority to DNR and MPCA that will make Minnesota a less welcoming state for job providers and farmers.

Public Safety: instead of holding criminals accountable and funding law enforcement to combat the rise in violent crime, Democrats are reducing sentences and putting money toward unproved non-profit groups. This bill is opposed by all of Minnesota’s largest law enforcement organizations because it won’t improve public safety. This is a huge, missed opportunity as public safety is top of mind for Minnesotans.

Staying in Touch

I encourage you to reach out to me to share your priorities, thoughts, questions, and concerns. I can be reached by phone at 651-296-4293 or via email at

Have a great weekend,