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RELEASE: Robbins on House and Senate GOP $13 Billion “Give it Back” Tax Plan

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

ST. PAUL — Rep. Kristin Robbins (R-Maple Grove) joined House and Senate Republicans today to roll out a tax package to give immediate and lasting relief to Minnesotans. The “Give It Back” tax plan provides $13 billion over two years in permanent tax cuts and one-time rebates.  

“Minnesota families should not be struggling to pay their gas, grocery, or energy bills while government has a $17.5 billion surplus,” said Representative Kristin Robbins (R-Maple Grove). “Democrats are intent on spending the surplus to grow bureaucracy. Republicans are ready to get to work so we can support Minnesotans by returning this historic surplus to them in the form of permanent tax cuts and one-time rebates.”  

The tax package includes tax changes for immediate tax relief today with one-time rebate checks using $5 billion of the state’s surplus funds and $3.5 billion for a one-time child tax credit available for two yearsThe checks are estimated to be $1250 for single filers, and $2500 for joint filers. The $1800 tax credit per child under the age of 18 comes without strings attached on its purpose or use. 

Permanent relief comes in the form of the elimination of the tax on Social Security for a cost of $1.26 billion to provide 472,902 Minnesotans with an average tax reduction of $1,277 dollars. The list of states that tax Social Security income shrank to just 11 in 2023. The Social Security tax impacts those with just $25,000 in federal income—a far reach from the claim full elimination would only help the wealthy.  

An additional $3 billion in permanent tax relief comes in reducing both the first and second tier tax rates by 1% each to 4.35% and 5.8% respectively. Minnesota’s lowest tax rate is higher than the highest tax bracket in 24 states and is consistently ranked one of the highest taxed states in the country. Anyone who pays income taxes would see a reduction in their taxes under this plan. It’s a stark contrast to the Democrats’ proposals to tax working Minnesotans in order to pay for a costly and bureaucratic paid leave plan.  

Finally, an adjustment of the homestead market value exclusion would give $35 million a year in relief. Rising property evaluations and a tight housing market mean people need relief wherever they can get it. For many, their home is their single largest asset, and this change will allow them to keep more of their home’s value in their bank account each year.  

Robbins speaks during the Give it Back press conference

Rep. Robbins speaks during the "Give it Back" press conference on Tuesday.