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Legislative Update- April 13, 2024

Saturday, April 13, 2024
Rep. Xiong

Greetings Eastsiders,

It’s been a whirlwind of a month! I hope you had a great Easter or Ramadan if you celebrate. Spring seems to have finally sprung and it’s been nice to see the sun after a few gloomy days. Democrats are working hard at the Capitol to deliver for working families; making life a little easier for folks to get by. I want to remind you about the child tax credit, which has already impacted over 360,000 children across the state, at an average refund of about $2,500. If you haven’t filed yet, please make sure to check eligibility here, and file for the credit when you’re preparing your taxes. Free tax preparation sites are available here

Child Tax Credit (Gov. Graphic)

We’re back from our brief legislative recess, and I’m excited to share that leaders have agreed upon a supplemental budget framework. 

Budget Agreement

We’ve also begun passing policy bill packages in major issue areas building on the work of our historically productive 2023 session and improving the lives of Minnesotans. 

On Monday, we passed the Elections Policy Bill, which focuses on improved voter access and election transparency. It targets policy areas where the state can improve voter turnout and ensure that if voting is restricted, voters have a means of redress. 

Election Policy Bill and MVRA

We also passed the Public Safety Policy Bill on a unanimous vote. The bill continues our comprehensive approach to public safety and crime prevention with support for victims, criminal justice reform, policy modernization, and more.

Last week, the House passed two policy bills supporting our Departments of Military Affairs and Veterans Affairs, which passed with unanimous support. We also passed a higher education policy bill that expands support in higher education for students who have a disability, an early education policy bill strengthening our pre-kindergarten and school readiness programs, and a transportation policy package that improves road safety, DVS wait times, child passenger safety, and consumer protections. 


Eliminating Junk Fees and Ensuring Ticket Price Transparency

On Thursday, House DFLers passed legislation cracking down on hidden, deceptive fees to ensure consumers have fair, upfront pricing for event tickets, restaurant meals, hotels, credit cards and more. The first, HF 1989 would improve fee transparency in ticketing and prevent deceptive practices that negatively impact consumers who purchase tickets. The second, HF 3438 would ban the practice of junk fees. Almost everywhere in our economy, Minnesotans are being nickeled and dimed, overcharged and underpaid. These abusive fees are an anti-competitive way for corporations to hike prices at a time when many families are just trying to get by. I was glad to have voted in favor of these bills.

Consumer Protection Bills


Combatting Copper Wire Theft

Copper wire theft is far more than a nuisance; it poses a significant threat to public safety in our communities. That's why I'm co-authoring a comprehensive legislative solution to combat copper wire theft that has darkened city streets and parks in St. Paul. This week we held a press conference with lead author State Rep. Hollins, State Sen. Pappas Saint Paul Mayor Carter, West Saint Paul Mayor Napier, St. Paul Police Chief Henry, and other city and state stakeholders to announce our bill

copper wire press conference


Expanding Insurance to Cover Prosthetics & Wigs

DFLers are laser focused on making sure all Minnesotans can work, go to school, run errands and afford their lives with dignity. Two bills that are advancing would require insurance companies to cover the costs of wigs for people undergoing cancer treatment, and the costs for prosthetics for those who need them. As families work through a new transition in their lives or navigate a new diagnosis or health challenge, the last thing they should have to worry about is their financial security. These are common sense proposals I support, and will advocate for as we continue to pass legislation.


Upcoming Eastside Housing Forum 

Attention Eastsiders! We are excited to invite you to join us for an upcoming community forum to discuss housing issues in our area. Come share and gain valuable insights as we work together to address housing challenges in our community.

Thank you to Ramsey County Commissioner Mai Chong Xiong and her legislative staff, Winona Yang, for organizing this event with state, county, and city officials and departments.



Eastside Pride 

I'm thrilled to partner with Ramsey County Commissioner Mai Chong Xiong, Ramsey County Commissioner Rena Moran (due to current circumstances, our interaction took place over a phone call), and Ramsey County Workforce Director Ling Becker. Together, we are dedicated to implementing various impactful initiatives to foster positive change within our community. These initiatives encompass a broad spectrum of focus areas, including improving digital access, creating economic development opportunities for our Eastside, addressing the need for affordable housing, and tackling the environmental challenges posed by the Pig's Eye Lake landfill. #EastSidePride 

East side pride

We celebrated AAPI Day on the Hill this week, and also heard bills presented by Chair Samantha Vang for our AAPI community in my Workforce Development Finance and Policy Committee! Among the notable presenters were Eastside community leaders from the Cypher Side Dance School and the Karen Organization of Minnesota. #EastSidePride



This is my neighbor, Gaye. She has contacted me multiple times this year, and her visits and messages mean a lot. I sincerely appreciate when members of our community open up about their life experiences and share why they care about specific issues. My team and I have prioritized listening to the people we serve, valuing their input over special interests and corporate influences. #EastSidePride



I want to express my deep appreciation for my neighbor Liz for bravely sharing her personal journey and for wholeheartedly supporting HF 1658, a bill I am incredibly proud to be a co-author of. This legislation is aimed at ensuring mandatory health insurance coverage for fertility treatments (IVF). #EastSidePride



I enjoyed catching up with the incredible, honorable John Harrington! He's our former St. Paul Police Chief, former Eastside DFL Senator, former Department of Public Safety Commissioner, and a proud Eastsider! John has been a staunch supporter of the Hmong community and the Eastside for years.


I had an inspiring and engaging conversation with a group of driven students from the Eastside advocating for higher education to be more accessible for underserved populations. #EastSidePride

Eastside students


I recently had the opportunity to meet with local leaders from the Teamsters Union, advocating for better access to state investments in the film and TV industry. We discussed the potential impact of investment in this sector and the benefits it could bring to the local economy. It was an insightful conversation that shed light on the importance of supporting and nurturing the film and TV industry in our region.



I recently met with the University of Minnesota leaders to discuss the vital work at the Center for Nursing Equity and Excellence. They are actively addressing the workforce shortage in the health industry and are dedicated to ensuring the success of BIPOC communities in the field.

U of M


Keep in Touch

Please continue to contact me anytime at or 651-296-4201; I’m always happy to help. Your input and questions are valued! 

I’ll continue to keep you posted on our progress for Eastsiders and all Minnesotans.

In solidarity,

Jay Xiong
State Representative 

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