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Legislative Update - The Equal Rights Amendment

Thursday, May 9, 2024
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Dear Neighbors, 

Things are coming down to the wire here at the legislature. We’re constitutionally required to adjourn no later than May 20, meaning that we only have a handful of days to finish our work - more than enough time for us to pass legislation on the Equal Rights Amendment. 

On Monday, the House Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration, on which I serve, passed legislation proposing a state constitutional amendment to codify the right to equality. The legislation, known as the Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment, would submit the proposed amendment to voters during the 2026 state general election, and if approved, would take effect January 1, 2027. 

The Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment would guarantee every Minnesotan the same rights under the law, and codify protections against discrimination by the state based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sex — including pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

I spoke to the importance of this bill during our committee hearing, which you can watch here


In Minnesota, we believe in freedom, fairness, and equality for everyone. Equality under the law shouldn’t be a controversial issue, but as we see people’s rights and freedoms being rolled back across the country, we need to take action to ensure that doesn’t happen in Minnesota.


Preventing Gun Violence

Last session, we listened to Minnesotans who told us that inaction was not an acceptable option when it came to gun violence prevention. We passed legislation establishing red flag laws and criminal background checks - important bills that make our communities safer.

The tragedy in Burnsville this year that resulted in the loss of three public safety officers was a stark reminder that there was still more for us to do. Recently, we passed a slate of bills in the House that will continue to reduce gun violence in Minnesota. Our bills require the safe storage of firearms, require the report of missing firearms, crack down on straw purchasing, and ban binary triggers. 

I’m proud to have voted for each one of these critical bills that will save lives.

Gun Bills


Slow Mow Summer

You’ve probably heard of “No Mow May” and may have even participated in making your lawn more pollinator-friendly! While it’s a catchy slogan, researchers from the University of Minnesota Bee Lab have modified the popular campaign due to additional research on best practices for pollinators and lawn health.

“Slow Mow Summer” takes the sentiment of “No Mow May” and expands it to the entire growing season! Because guess what? Bees need food AFTER May, too. Many bee species do not even emerge from hibernation until June or July, when self-heal, ground plum, lanceleaf tickweed, or calico American aster may be blooming in your lawn. 

Mowing after lawn flowers bloom instead of before is the main goal of “Slow Mow Summer.” You can learn more about how best to help native pollinators, like Rusty Patched Bumblebee, survive and thrive here!



Supplemental Budget Bills

The bulk of our time these days is spent on the House Floor, debating and passing our proposals for new policies and supplemental budgets. Much of this work is building off our efforts from last year, ensuring our work has the greatest impact possible for Minnesotans. 

So far, we’ve passed several major bills covering key issue areas. You can read these nonpartisan summaries of our work on K-12 Education, Children & Families, Transportation, Labor, and Housing, Higher Education, Judiciary and Public Safety, State and Local Government, Elections, Human Services, Workforce and Economic Development, and Taxes, with more on the way! 

These are all great bills, but as a member of the Labor, Environment, and Education Finance Committees, I’m especially proud of our efforts there.

As we continue to pass our remaining House proposals, House and Senate members are currently meeting in conference committees to craft consensus legislation for where we differ in these issue areas. These conference committee meetings, and passing these final bills, will likely take up our remaining days of the legislative session. 


Stay Connected

As we get into these final days, I want to hear from you! Now is a great time to touch base on the issues that matter to you, and one way to do that is by taking my legislative survey!

Legislative Survey

Besides the survey, always feel free to reach out to my office with any questions, comments, or ideas you may have on how to make our state and community better! Our work in the Minnesota House is at its best when it's responsive to your needs! 

You can reach me at or 651-296-4219. You’ll either hear back from me or our legislative assistant, Tenzin. You can also follow along on my legislative Facebook page

Thank you for the honor of representing our community in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and I hope to hear from you soon!



Sydney Jordan

State Representative