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Legislative Update 3.17.2023

Friday, March 17, 2023

Dear Neighbors, 

Over the past week at the Capitol, we have advanced legislation that will significantly support Minnesotans across the state. Here is a look at what has been happening in and around the Capitol: 

 Rank Choice Voting  

This week, the Minnesota House Elections Finance and Policy Committee held a public hearing for HF 2486, known as The Protect and Advance Democracy Act. This bill will expand ranked choice voting to Minnesota’s federal and statewide elections. In order to have a multi-racial democracy that includes everyone, we need more inclusive and representative elections. Ranked choice voting means everyone gets a voice — and it means candidates have to listen to those voices to be elected. 

African Heritage Day on the Hill 

We had a productive day and a robust crowd in attendance for “African Heritage Day on the Hill.” This event is hosted annually by the Council for Minnesotans of African Heritage [CMAH]. I was joined by my colleagues to talk about the DFL legislative priorities to attendees. It was also a first-hand opportunity for citizens to touch base with state legislators on the policy matters they’re most concerned about.  

I want to thank CMAH for inviting me to speak at this wonderful event. Talking about our African Heritage is important to moving our nation forward as we continue to work towards rectifying laws that were created to keep our people marginalized and discredited for their value and worth. This event increased the reclamation of our history, rich heritage, and culture. I was honored to be a part of the celebration.  


 District 43 Town Hall Event  

The next Town Hall for Senate District 43 is on Saturday March 25, 2023, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at the Crystal Community Center. I look forward to seeing you there. For more information on the event, follow the Facebook event page

National Association for Social Workers  

I am deeply grateful for our social workers. They are relentless in their work and are essential to our communities. Social workers help relieve people's suffering, fight for social justice, and improve lives and communities. Most people think of social workers when they think of poverty alleviation and child welfare. Many social workers do that kind of work — and they do SO much more.  

 Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act  

Last week, The Minnesota House passed a bill to enhance child welfare protections under the 1985 Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act, known as MIFPA. The legislation also affirms the state’s policy on Tribal-state relations, including the recognition of Tribes as sovereign nations and the recognition Tribes have the inherent authority to determine their own jurisdiction for Indian child custody or child placement proceedings.   

This bill comes just in time, as there is uncertainty on the fate of the Indian Child Welfare Act, with the conservative-leaning US Supreme Court expected to rule on its constitutionality. This bill will ensure that Minnesota remains a place that respects tribal sovereignty.   

There is a clear through line from the past to the present day. Policies morph to maintain the status quo -- a status quo that is one of division, displacement, oppression, and eradication. This nation and this state are forever in the debt of the indigenous people and their nations that existed long better settlers came to this land. Therefore, it should be the duty and obligation to preserve the culture and history of the indigenous people. 

 Women’s History Month  

March is Women's History Month! Let’s use this month to remember and honor all of the amazing women who paved the way for us. There is still a lot of work we need to do to stand up for equal rights in Minnesota and I am committed to pursuing this important work at the Capitol.   

A couple of significant bills moving in the Minnesota House would expand insurance coverage for breast cancer diagnostics, enhance workplace protections for nursing mothers, and protect women’s right to safe reproductive health care.   

Investing in Local Jobs and Projects   

Last session, a bipartisan agreement was reached on the framework of legislation to invest in local jobs and projects throughout Minnesota, but like many important proposals, Republican leadership chose to walk away instead of completing this work.    
Efforts to deliver on the legislation never stopped for DFLers, and now the Minnesota House has taken the first bipartisan step in finishing the business of 2022 by approving nearly $1.9 billion in investments for local jobs and projects throughout the state.   

The package of legislation we passed addresses hundreds of critical infrastructure projects that have gone unfunded for too long, including many in our community. There are leaky roofs in state buildings, an outdated campus chemistry laboratory, unstable riverbanks, kids taking unsafe routes to schools, housing that needs to be built for our most vulnerable and failing wastewater infrastructure. The bill also takes great strides to invest in Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color - communities too often left behind when it comes to state investments.    

These and other projects are crucial to communities throughout the state, and inflation is only causing them to go up higher in cost the longer we delay.  

This legislation requires a supermajority to pass, meaning the Senate, like the House, will need Republican support to get this funding over the finish line. This week, the Senate Republicans blocked passage of the bill, despite the fact that the House DFL and GOP were able to come to an agreement to pass it. 
I hope you’ll join me in calling on Senate Republicans to revisit and swiftly pass this legislation. We need to finish the work of 2022 so we can move on to the business of 2023.    

You can read more about this legislation and the path ahead here.    

Keep in Touch 

Please continue to reach out anytime if you need assistance or have questions at or 651-296-4255. You can also follow my official Facebook page and the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus page.  

In community, 

Rep. Cedrick Frazier 

Minnesota House of Representatives