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Rep. Cedrick Frazier Visits Sonnesyn Elementary for Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday, May 10, 2024

St. Paul, MN – Today, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Representative Cedrick Frazier (DFL-New Hope) visited a Robbinsdale District School, Sonnesyn Elementary, to celebrate the incredible educators who dedicate themselves to our children's success. During the school visit, Rep. Frazier met with Principal Mary Jane Adams to discuss the implementation of the Universal School Meals program. Principal Adams shared that the school district has served about 33% more meals for lunch and 38% more meals for breakfast since the program began, highlighting its positive impact. 

The Universal School Meals program, enacted in 2023, ensures all K-12 students in Minnesota have access to free breakfast and lunch regardless of their family's income. This initiative is a vital step towards alleviating childhood hunger and creating a more equitable learning environment. 

“The Universal School Meals program is a game-changer for Minnesota families,” said Rep. Frazier. “By ensuring all students have access to nutritious meals, we are setting them up for academic success and a healthy future.” 

Studies consistently show the critical link between proper nutrition and academic success. Children who eat healthy breakfasts and lunches are better able to focus, retain information, and participate actively in class. This initiative will not only alleviate food insecurity for countless families but also empower students to excel in their studies.’   

Representative Frazier read the book 'Sofia Valdez, Future Prez' by Andrea Beaty to an engaged audience of second graders, sparking discussions about the importance of civic engagement and empowering youth to make their voices heard. The young minds were buzzing with questions about government and how they could make a difference.

Included in the 2024 education policy conference committee is legislation to require access to library materials.  

Rep. Frazier, the lead House author of the legislation, HF4373, further adds,  

“The key aspect to unlocking a child’s potential lies in the magic of a good book. By providing them with a diverse library that reflects their own experiences and the wonders of the world, we ignite their imaginations, fuel their curiosity, and empower them to see themselves as heroes of their own stories.” 

In the bill, the agreement would prohibit banning, removing, or otherwise restricting access to an otherwise age-appropriate book or other material from a school library based solely on the viewpoint, content, message, idea, or opinion conveyed. 

A school’s governing body would need to adopt a policy that would establish procedures for selection of and reconsideration of library materials. The policy could not impair or limit the rights of a parent, guardian, or adult student to request a curriculum content challenge to the material. 

The education policy conference committee made its way through the final differences last week, but members are awaiting nonpartisan staff to put the final language together before conferees take a final vote and sign the report. 

Rep. Laurie Pryor (DFL-Minnetonka) and Sen. Steve Cwodzinski (DFL-Eden Prairie) sponsor HF3782/SF3567*, which is expected to be approved in the coming days. 

Photo cutline: Rep. Frazier reading to young students at Sonnesyn Elementary 
Photo cutline: Rep. Frazier pictured with Mrs. Dawson's 2nd graders, support staff, and Principal Mary Jane Adams
Photo cutline: Rep. Frazier (left) photographed with Principal Mary Jane Adams (right) and boxes of treats for staff in recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week