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Friday, April 1, 2022

Friday, April 1st, 2022 --


Reinsurance, AKA “Obamacare Bailout”

Last night, SF3472, a bill that would renew the Reinsurance Program, was brought up for a vote and passed with bipartisan support. The Reinsurance Plan subsidizes health insurance claims over $50,000 with your tax dollars! This is NOT an April’s Fools joke! Even House Republicans voted to bail out Obamacare last night – forcing YOU to pay for others health insurance claims.

A number of Republicans who voted in favor of this bill took to social media during Thursday’s floor session, boasting about their success in keeping the cost of health insurance down.

The majority of Republicans voted to bail out Obamacare!

Now this would be great if only it were the whole truth. The truth is that reinsurance doesn’t cut healthcare costs – it spreads healthcare costs around and forces everyone in the state to pay them. This is SOCIALIZED medicine, plain and simple.

The Republicans that voted for SF3472 last night are misleading the public. But that’s the problem we have here in Minnesota. Our Republican legislators are mostly Mitt Romney Republicans. In fact Mitt Romney is the perfect comparison because it was Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan that he installed in Massachusetts that paved the road for Obamacare.

These RINO’s that voted for this mess of a bill at least have one thing correct: They blame Obamacare for skyrocketing insurance premiums. But their answer to this problem is bailing out Obamacare. Of course propping up a failed policy like Obamacare only exacerbates and extends the problem.

So while we can expect health insurance premiums to remain lower than they otherwise would, it’s only because Republicans joined Democrats and voted to socialize our healthcare system.

The long term solution requires the failed Obamacare policy to collapse upon itself and permit the ingenuity and innovation of free markets to work their magic. A true free and open market would recognize and solve this problem far better than government bailouts, but our MN Mitt Romney Republicans refuse to support a free healthcare marketplace where innovation isn’t stifled.

Notice this bill didn’t go far enough to socialize healthcare for many Democrats. In fact this bill wouldn’t have passed if Republicans chose to stand on their principles. In other words we could have put another nail in the Obamacare coffin last night, but the RINO’s wouldn’t allow it.

It’s time to stop propping up this broken system and allow for a Free-Market solution to arise.


ESG Bill

This week I’ve been working on an ESG bill that would ban Social Credit Scores in Minnesota.

We have watched our freedoms be decimated over the last several years because of Covid. When people aren’t behaving the way those in power think they should be, they’ve have their bank accounts, GoFundMe accounts, etc., shut down. We saw it with the truckers in Canada and it should never be permitted in Minnesota. We can not call ourselves a “Free Country” if we permit Social Credit Scores to be implemented.

This is an emerging threat that we must get ahead of to prevent the further erosion of our liberties!


The Real Solution to Attracting Out-of-State Workers

A recent Fox 9 article states, “Minnesota considers $4.5 million for ad campaign to lure out-of-state workers.”

People are fleeing Minnesota in droves because of pro-lockdown Governor Tim Walz and high taxes. If we want to “lure” people and businesses to MN, we better get to work slashing our taxes, returning the surplus, and signing the Never Again bill into law so that NEVER AGAIN can a governor crown himself the King of Minnesota.

Capitol Tours

With the capitol finally being open, it’s been busy with meetings and giving tours to constituents as well as people from all over the state. If you would like to schedule a meeting or a tour, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


You can watch my weekly update from the capitol here.



Remember if you want to be politically respected you must be politically feared,


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