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Legislative News and Views - Rep. Samakab Hussein (DFL)

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Legislative Update 02.16.2024

Friday, February 16, 2024

Dear Neighbors,  

The 2024 Legislative Session started this week. It's amazing to be back, to be part of this collective effort to make tangible differences in the lives of all Minnesotans. After the historically productive 2023 Legislative Session, DFLers remain committed to improving people’s lives and building a Minnesota that works better for everyone. In 2024, House DFL lawmakers will continue working side by side with neighbors and community members together – rooted in the values we all share – to lower the cost of living, deliver economic security for working families, and ensure everyone has the tools they need to thrive. 

As we navigate the challenges ahead, this shared purpose is what fuels our drive and keeps us motivated. This week has been a powerful reminder of the collective good we achieve when we work together, and I'm excited to see what the rest of the year holds. 

Thank you for the great honor of serving our vibrant community.  


Committee Assignments  

Serving our state and district as Vice Chair of Legacy Finance is a profound privilege, one I hold with deep respect and gratitude. But the honor isn't mine alone. It extends to the dedicated team I work alongside on the Capital Investment, Housing Finance and Policy, and Labor and Industry Finance and Policy committees. Together, we're not just striving to build a better Minnesota for families, businesses, and individuals; we're making it happen. And that wouldn't be possible without their shared vision, tireless efforts, and commitment.  

From affordable childcare to living wages, I'm committed to policies that empower working families in Minnesota. 

Enacted Laws 

  • This year began with several impactful bills taking effect, bringing positive changes to Minnesotans' lives. Including:
  • Stronger tenant protections: New laws strengthen protections for renters, promoting fairer housing practices and stability for Minnesotans.
  • Transparency in hiring: Prohibiting past pay disclosure in the hiring process helps combat wage discrimination and promotes fairer hiring practices.
  • Free menstrual products: School districts and charter schools must now provide free menstrual products to students, ensuring period equity and removing a barrier to education.
  • Earned sick and safe time: Nearly all workers in Minnesota now have the right to accrue paid sick and safe time, offering greater security and flexibility in managing personal needs.
  • Pay increases for home care workers

This list just scratches the surface. Last year we made historic movements that will improve the lives of all Minnesotans, like paid family medical leave, providing free school meals for students, codifying reproductive freedom, and providing emergency funding for food shelves across the state. 

Child Tax Credit  

As a proud member of the Children and Families Finance and Policy committee, I am proud of our nation-leading Child Tax Credit providing Minnesota families with much-needed relief. Families will save up to $1,750 for each dependent. Democrats are cutting child poverty by one-third with this rebate. You can claim the tax credit by filing a 2023 income tax return. The $1,750 credit is for each child 17 years old and younger, with no limit on the number of children. For all tax filers, this credit begins to phase out at an income level of $35,000 and fully phases out at a maximum of $90,750 for a family with four children. 


Solidarity with Union Janitors 

I stand proudly with Twin Cities janitors and custodial staff, in their fight for fair wages and retirement security. The cleaners who tirelessly maintain our Twin Cities' buildings are facing a critical moment. As contract negotiations heat up, janitors, represented by SEIU Local 26, are demanding fair wage increases and secure retirement plans. They deserve our unwavering support. This is not just about economics, it's about human dignity. These dedicated individuals deserve fair compensation for their labor, just like any other profession. They deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their hard work will translate into a secure future.  

Electric Vehicle Rebates  

Last session DFLers passed an Electric Vehicle Rebate Program allowing residents to receive a rebate of up to $2,500 for a new EV purchase and $600 for a used purchase. Electric cars, plug-ins or hybrids purchased or leased on or after May 25, 2023, are eligible. Applications are now live, and you can find more information at


Keep in Touch 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime with input, or questions, or to let me know how I can be of assistance at or 651-296-5158. Be sure to ‘like’ and follow my new Facebook page.  


Rep. Samakab Hussein  
Committee Assignments: 

Vice Chair Legacy Finance 

Capital Investment 

Housing Finance and Policy 

Labor and Industry Finance and Policy 

Legislative Assistant 

Jacob Hooper