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Monday, March 11, 2019

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Monday, March 11, 2019
Monday, March 11, 2019 , 8:00 AM


Hearing Canceled
Chair: Rep. Laurie Halverson
Location: Remote Hearing
Completion of 3/8/19 agenda, if needed.

***More bills may be added***
Chair: Rep. Connie Bernardy
Location: 200 State Office Building

Working session to select 15 topics for further consideration by the subcommittee

**Quorum is needed for subcommittee to take action**

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 9:00 AM

Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission

Chair: Sen. Newton
Location: 1100 Minnesota Senate Building

1.     Call to Order

2.     Approval of the May 14, 2018 Minutes and February 25, 2019 Minutes

3.     Legislative Permanent School Fund Commission Annual Report Requirements

4.     Legislation

           a. HF1880/SF1988 (House Enviro policy 3/12), amendment proposal
           b. SF2220, amendment proposal

5.     Other Business

6.     Adjourn

For more agenda information, click here
Monday, March 11, 2019 , 9:45 AM

Ways and Means

Chair: Rep. Lyndon Carlson
Location: Remote Hearing
HF679 (Morrison) Children's residential treatment payment provisions effective date amended
HF 50 (Hornstein) Cell phone use while a motor vehicle is in motion prohibited
HF 548 (Haley) Eisenhower Memorial Bridge over the Mississippi renamed Bridge of Valor
HF1171 (Nash) Carver County Trunk Highway 25 segment designated as Captain Jeffrey Vollmer Memorial Highway
HF142 (Lesch) Counties required to provide pay differential to employees while mobilized in the United States military's reserve component.

Other bills may be added

HF 593 (Edelson) Rotary International special license plate established has been removed from the agenda.
Bills Added

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 10:00 AM

Education Policy

Chair: Rep. Cheryl Youakim
Location: Remote Hearing
I. Call to Order
II. HF1572 (Sandell) - Service-learning grant program established, report required, and money appropriated.
III. HF578 (Lien) - K-12 education expense credit modified.
IV. HF1711 (Youakim) - Superintendent provisions nonsubstantive style and form changes made.
Walk-Through of H1711DE1 Amendment (Omnibus Bill) and Begin Testimony
V. Adjournment

(Half hour lunch break at noon)

The H1711DE1 amendment for HF1711 (Youakim) will serve as the Education Policy omnibus bill.
All amendments to H1711DE1 need to be submitted to the Committee Administrator by 2:30PM on Tuesday, March 12.
Bills Added

Chair: Rep. Carlos Mariani
Location: Remote Hearing
Police Professional Excellence Week

HF 627 (Pinto) Eyewitness identification best practices policies required
HF 334 (Mariani) Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training membership expanded
HF 1055 (Lesch) Peace officers who have sexual relations with persons in custody criminal penalties established
HF 1955 (Moller) Predatory offender registration provisions amended, Statewide Emergency Communication Board provisions modified, and wheelchair securement device requirements modified.
Bills Added

Chair: Rep. Gene Pelowski
Location: Remote Hearing
HF7 (Ecklund) Broadband Grant Program Money Appropriated.

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 12:45 PM

Long-Term Care Division

Chair: Rep. Jennifer Schultz
Location: Remote Hearing
HF1099 (Halverson) Day training and habilitation provider grants funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF168 (Schultz) Disability waiver rate system modified.
Bills Added

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 12:45 PM
Time Note: The Chair would like to get through at least the first seven agenda items. Bills that are not heard by 2:15 pm will be heard on Wednesday evening. The Wednesday evening hearing will begin at 6:45 pm in Room 300 South.

Property and Local Tax Division

Chair: Rep. Diane Loeffler
Location: Remote Hearing
I. Governor's Budget Recommendations (Informational)
II. Non Partisan Staff Presentation of LGA & CPA runs
III. HF 1163 (Marquart) Aid appropriations to cities and counties increased
IV. HF 1434 (Vang) Local government aid; city aid appropriation increased
V. HF 1102 (Lislegard) Local government aid city formula modified, and appropriation increased
VI. HF 1101 (Brand) Local government aid city formula modified, and appropriation increased
VII. HF 807 (Persell) State payment to counties with Indian gaming casinos modified
VIII. HF 2031 (Hertaus) Local government aid; city aid program modified
IX.. HF 1213 (Marquart) Mahnomen County onetime grants funding provided, and money appropriated
X. HF 1104 (Lien) Border city enterprise zone permanent tax reduction authority provided
XI. HF 1458 (Sandstede) Local government aid; city aid formula sparsity factor modified
XII. HF 1599 (Sandstede) Floodwood local government aid increased, and local government aid appropriation increased
XIII. HF 969 (Murphy) Local government aid adjustments provided
XIV. HF 1131 (Kiel) Local government aid formula amended
XV. HF 949 (Hansen) Lilydale; local government aid onetime adjustment provided
XVI. HF 461 (Hansen) West St. Paul; local government aid for onetime and temporary payment increase
XVII. HF 416 (Poppe) Austin state aid; penalty forgiveness provided
XVIII. HF 904 (Kresha) Flensburg; 2017 city aid penalty forgiveness provided, and money appropriated
Bills Added

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 12:45 PM

Water Division

Chair: Rep. Peter Fischer
Location: Remote Hearing
HF1569 (Lippert) Drinking water protection pilot program established, and money appropriated.

*Additional bills or items may be added.

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 3:30 PM

Floor Session

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 4:30 PM
Time Note: 4:30 pm or at the call of the chair.

Government Operations

Chair: Rep. Mike Freiberg
Location: Remote Hearing
*The order of the bills may change. Bills may be added or removed from the agenda. Bills may be carried over to the next committee meeting.

HF968 (Nelson)
Specified county offices appointment authorized.

HF703 (Masin)
Political subdivision compensation limit repealed, and conforming change made.

HF2225 (Hansen)
Legislative Audit Commission; agency duties and responsibilities to notify legislative auditor of unlawful access to not public data modified.

HF1862 (Lien)
Financial capability services integrated with taxpayer assistance services grant program created and funding provided, reports required, taxpayer assistance grant program existing appropriation increased, and money appropriated.

HF342 (Moran)
Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act established, African American Welfare Oversight Council created, report required, and money appropriated.

HF2070 (Hansen)
State bee established, and money appropriated.

HF172 (Grossell)
POW and MIA Recognition Day established.

HF910 (Edelson)
Newborn hearing screening advisory committee expiration date extended..

HF1861 (Pierson)
Agencies prohibited from procuring supplies or services from persons failing to disclose conflict minerals from Democratic Republic of the Congo or its neighboring countries, and prohibition in any supply or service solicitation provided by an agency required.

PLEASE NOTE: Testimony will be limited. Please plan accordingly. If you would like to testify, please contact Amanda Rudolph at
Bills Added

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 5:00 PM

Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division

Chair: Rep. John Lesch
Location: Remote Hearing
HF 998 (Ecklund) Sentencing veterans for criminal offenses related to a service related disorder court guidance provided
*held over from 3/7/19 agenda

HF 1971 (Lesch): Forfeiture bill
• Author Chair Lesch

HF 2083 (Considine) Corrections Omnibus data practices
• Author, Rep. Considine

HF 1731 (Daudt) Veterinary prescription monitoring program established, controlled substance veterinary prescriptions...

**If you'd like to testify on a bill, please contact the Committee Administrator, Rachel Ganani: We ask members of the public to keep their testimony to two minutes or less**

Bills Added

Monday, March 11, 2019 , 5:00 PM

Conference Committee on HF 14

Chair: Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer
Location: Remote Hearing