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Audio/Video Archives - 2015-2016 Regular Session

Civil Law and Data Practices

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Civil Law and Data Practices

**Bills may be added
**Bills may be taken in any order
**HF 1372 DE 3-1 Amendment adds three bills already heard in Civil Law that are on the General Register. The DE adds: HF 2515, HF 2650, and HF 2705.
Bills Added:
HF1372 (Smith) - Animal care trusts provided, probate provisions modified, Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act enacted and related statute references updated, receivership and assignment provisions clarified, short form of assignment provided for recording with a deed to transfer real property, fees clarified, and other business organization clarifying changes made.
HF3142 (Zerwas) - Health carrier required to update website; provisions amended relating to all-payer claims data, statewide trauma system, home care, assisted living, body art, hearing instrument dispensers, and food, beverage, and lodging establishments; Zika virus response activities directed; medical faculty license requirements adopted; medical cannabis program provisions changed; work group established; an appropriation canceled; and money appropriated.
HF3045 (Zerwas) - Health care quality of care and complaint investigation process provisions modified, and report required.
HF1652 (Baker) - Minnesota prescription monitoring program changes made.
HF3370 (Miller) - Registered predatory offender written statement for change of information required, and access to registration data by child protection workers for determination of child residence with predatory offender authorized.
HF3199 (Albright) - Ombudsman office for long-term care, mental health treatment services, and miscellaneous policy provisions modified.
H1372DE3_1.pdf (4/6/2016)
H1652A4.pdf (4/6/2016)
H3199A3.pdf (4/6/2016)

Civil Law and Data Practices

Bills may be taken in any order

Bills may be added

Bills Added:
HF1182 (Anderson) - Online hunting and fishing license application required to provide for organ donation, and report required.
HF2552 (O'Neill) - Mandatory hearing requirement for subsequent orders and extensions eliminated.
HF2553 (O'Neill) - Respondent filing fee requirements for an order for protection eliminated.
HF2803 (Zerwas) - Clinical drug trial participation prohibited by persons subject to emergency admission or apprehend and hold orders, and notice requirement for early termination of an emergency admission specified.
HF2294 (Smith) - Marriage license five-day waiting period eliminated.
HF3384 (Hoppe) - Life insurance reserve provisions modified.
HF1560 (Gruenhagen) - Patient's affirmative consent or nonconsent required for each item when requested to release health records.
HF1099 (Loonan) - Building construction and contract requirements clarified.
HF2345 (Hamilton) - Spoken language health care interpreter tiered registry system established, and money appropriated.
HF2741 (Lesch) - Nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and nonconsensual sexual solicitation civil cause of action created, coercion crime amended to include threat of nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images, stalking crime amended to include nonconsensual sexual solicitation, qualified domestic violence related offense and harassment definitions expanded, criminal penalties established for nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images and nonconsensual sexual solicitation, and criminal defamation law clarified.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Bills may be taken in any order.

Bills Added:
HF3175 (Anderson) - Driving instructor license applicant criminal history background checks required.
HF2602 (Scott) - Private and nonpublic data use restricted to only purposes authorized by law, and motor vehicle registration data uses modified.
HF1333 (Scott) - Spousal maintenance based on the cohabitation of the obligee modification allowed.
HF3402 (Franson) - Retirement, health savings, and medical savings accounts regulated; and asset protection provided.
HF200 (Hilstrom) - Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act enacted.
HF3478 (Scott) - Corrections Department authorized to access employment data for research of effectiveness of employment programming for offenders in the community.
HF2867 (Pinto) - Small business certification program data classified.
HF2014 (Petersburg) - Driveway permit denial or revocation appeal process provided.
HF3150 (Whelan) - Abortion data required to be reported by physicians or facilities modified.
HF2322 (Peterson) - Clinical lactation service licensing created, fees established, and report required.
H0200DE1.pdf (3/28/2016)
H1333DE2.pdf (3/28/2016)
H2322A3.pdf (3/28/2016)
H2602DE1.pdf (3/28/2016)
H3478A1.pdf (3/28/2016)
HF3402A16-0948.pdf (3/28/2016)
H2867DE1.pdf (3/28/2016)

Civil Law and Data Practices

**HF 2993 (Hackbarth) discussion and testimony will be limited to the portions of the bill that relate to Civil Law and Data Practices**

***The order of bills may be changed***
Bills Added:
HF1598 (McNamara) - Right-of-way mowing restrictions modified, and penalties provided.
HF3308 (Pugh) - Family law case alternative dispute resolution information required to be provided by the court.
HF2742 (Daniels) - Closed captioning requirement on televisions in medical facilities added.
HF2993 (Hackbarth) - Environment and natural resources trust fund money appropriated, Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources provisions modified, and trust fund money use requirements added.
HF2603 (Green) - Notice, public hearing, and response to questions and comments required before purchasing real property with public money.
HF 1598 A1.pdf (3/23/2016)
HF 2603 DE2.pdf (3/23/2016)
HF 3308 A1.pdf (3/23/2016)

Civil Law and Data Practices

HF1586 (Hoppe) Assertions of patent infringement in bad faith prohibited, and court authorized to consider factors of evidence of whether an assertion of patent infringement in bad faith or good faith has been made.

HF 2866 (McNamara) Invasive special control provided, wild rice license requirements modified, streamlined review of plans and regulations provided, civil penalties provided and modified, and report required.

HF 2641 (Smith) Tax debt included as debt that is covered under debt settlement services regulation.

HF 2954 (Loon) Motor vehicle distribution unfair practices regulated.

**Please note testimony on HF 2866 (McNamara) will be limited to the civil law portions of the bill**

Bills Added:
SF107 (Zerwas) - Hospital required to provide a patient the opportunity to designate a caregiver upon entry, and hospital required to provide discharge plan and aftercare instructions to designated caregiver prior to discharge.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 37
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