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Audio/Video Archives - 2015-2016 Regular Session

Civil Law and Data Practices

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Civil Law and Data Practices

HF 1874 (Quam) Navigator Background Checks
Bills Added:
HF1357 (Persell) - Dissolution certificates required, and requirements added to the certificate of dissolution form.
HF981 (Peterson) - Optometrist licensing provisions changed.
HF321 (Mack) - Interstate medical licensure compact project provided.
HF1272 (Mack) - Correction orders and conditional licenses provided for home and community based service programs, and settlement agreements provided.
**At the Call of the Chair, the Civil Law Hearing will Begin Immediately Following Session in Room 500 North of the State Office Building**

**HF 1982 is being heard on an informational level only as the bill is not in our possession**


HF 1935 is rescheduled to Tuesday March 24 at 8:15am.
Bills Added:
HF840 (Sanders) - Election administration provisions modified including provisions related to school boards, voters, ballots, registration, violations, absentee ballots, candidates, vacancies, recounts, filing fees, and precincts; military and overseas absentee voting provisions modified; Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act provided; and various technical changes made.
HF1901 (Smith) - Apportionment of taxes occasioned by a decedent's death provided.
HF1187 (Franson) - Equity-stripping law protection extended to owners of agricultural property.
HF1604 (Zerwas) - Health commissioner required to develop a list of authorized entities, and individuals allowed to obtain and administer epinephrine without a prescription.
HF1232 (Quam) - Data privacy, predatory offender registration, evidence, crime victim protections, and criminal defenses relating to sex trafficking provisions modified; and new criminal penalties created.
HF1271 (Quam) - Group residential housing provisions modified, background study requirements established of group residential housing or supplementary services, and administration of a compliance system authorized for group residential housing.
HF1652 (Baker) - Minnesota prescription monitoring program changes made.
HF1209 (Barrett) - Suicide prevention training required, report required, and money appropriated.
HF1640 (Peterson) - Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) monetary parental contribution repealed.
HF1460 (Drazkowski) - Human services commissioner required to contract with a vendor to verify the eligibility of medical assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollees, and money appropriated.
HF1167 (Atkins) - Secure electronic storage of motor vehicle records provided.
HF1936 (Pierson) - Human services commissioner required to contract with a vendor for eligibility verification audit services for public health care programs.
HF953 (O'Driscoll) - Mortgage foreclosure by advertisement publication requirements clarified.
HF1163 (Zerwas) - School bus driver's license endorsement issuance requirements modified.
HF1242 (Zerwas) - Disability certificate holder data authorized to be released for purposes of enforcing parking restrictions in cities and towns.
HF1770 (Smith) - Conciliation court provided jurisdiction to determine claims by a county against a nonresident.
HF1342 (Smith) - Property transfers regulated, and Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act amendments recommended by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws enacted.
HF328 (Loon) - Crowdfunding transactions provided exemption from securities regulation.
HF1982 (Loeffler) - Tax data disclosure to the human services commissioner modified.
HF1669 (Considine) - Drive-away in-transit license plates governed, data classified, and money appropriated.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Bills Added:
HF742 (O'Neill) - Campus sexual harassment and sexual violence; various provisions modified relating to campus sexual assault policies, good faith reporting, postsecondary institution and law enforcement coordination, online reporting systems, data access, data classifications, security officer and administrator training, and student health services.
HF582 (Anderson) - Livestock production facility nuisance claims provided relating to odor.
HF1047 (Whelan) - Born Alive Infants Protection Act concerning abortion created, and civil remedies and protections provided.
HF864 (Sanders) - Insurance fraud administrative penalty established, persons convicted of insurance fraud prohibited from enforcing contracts for no-fault benefits, and crime established for accident victim solicitation.
Bills Added:
HF995 (Rarick) - Indian Child Welfare Act; local government aid reimbursement provided for out-of-home placement costs of children, and money appropriated.
HF792 (Zerwas) - Adult children of a deceased patient added to the definition of patient.
HF161 (Zerwas) - Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE); accounts established for persons with disabilities.
HF722 (Newberger) - Public official authority to disarm individuals at any time clarified and delimited.
HF1467 (Anderson) - Hennepin County; railroad condemnation power limited.
HF1828 (Lesch) - Income producing property assessment data clarified.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills Added:
HF216 (Anderson) - Agritourism activities liability immunity provided.
HF1261 (Kresha) - State agency rulemaking regulated, and rules having substantial economic impact provided process requirements.
HF793 (Barrett) - Ski safety and liability standards established.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Audio Available: Download Mp3
We will hear HF 953 at a later date.
Bills Added:
HF307 (Fabian) - Proof of insurance in electronic format provided.
HF1472 (O'Driscoll) - Foreclosure sale provisions clarified.
HF744 (Gunther) - Accountancy examinations and peer review standards modified, and rulemaking authorized.
SF337 (Pinto) - Directory information definition changed to conform with federal law.
SF337 (Pinto) - Directory information definition changed to conform with federal law.
SF337 (Pinto) - Directory information definition changed to conform with federal law.
HF424 (Pinto) - Directory information definition changed to conform with federal law.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills Added:
HF518 (Scott) - Parenting time rebuttable presumption clarified, remedies following denial of court-ordered parenting time or other agreements modified, post-decree modification of maintenance allowed, disclosure of income information required, and alternate effective date for modification of child support allowed.
HF497 (Scott) - Child support obligors in arrears withholding requirements modified.
HF155 (Scott) - Automated license plate readers related data classified, log of use required, and destruction of data required.
HF222 (Cornish) - Automated license plate reader data classified and governing policy required, log of use required, data required to be destroyed, and report required.
Presentation by the Office of the Legislative Auditor on MNsure Governance and Data Privacy.

Jim Nobles
Joel Alter

Please see the link for the report:
We will hear HF 1068 at a later date.
Bills Added:
HF654 (Zerwas) - Victims of violence address protection clarified in legal proceedings.
HF1524 (Zerwas) - Interest on verdicts, awards, and judgments regulated.
HF717 (Johnson) - Data collected by an event data recorder standards of use established, and penalties provided.
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