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Audio/Video Archives - 2015-2016 Regular Session

Civil Law and Data Practices

Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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Civil Law and Data Practices

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF644 (Zerwas) Massage and bodywork therapy registration and fees established

HF 2705 (Hortman) was laid over on Tuesday 3/15 and the committee will take action on it.
Bills Added:
HF799 (Fabian) - Duty owed by owners of real property to trespassers specified.
HF2955 (Smith) - Disability discrimination claim requirements established related to architectural barriers, and notices required in building inspection reports.
HF2889 (Norton) - Parenting expense adjustment for purposes of child support modified, and guidelines for computing of child support modified.
H0644A4.pdf (3/16/2016)
H0644A5.pdf (3/16/2016)
H0799A1.pdf (3/16/2016)
H2955A2.pdf (3/16/2016)
H2955DE2_1.pdf (3/16/2016)
H2889A1.pdf (3/16/2016)

Civil Law and Data Practices

HF 2797 (Smith) Revisor's Bill
Bills Added:
HF2072 (Albright) - Watercraft and motor vehicle transfer-on-death title provided, and transfer exempted from motor vehicle sales tax.
HF2650 (Hoppe) - Receivership and assignments for the benefit of creditors provisions clarified, and short form of assignment for recording with a deed to transfer real property provided.
HF2705 (Hortman) - Minnesota Statute references updated to include limited liability companies under the Minnesota Revised Uniform Liability Company Act, fees clarified, and other clarifying changes made.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Bills Added:
HF2515 (Smith) - Probate provisions modified.
HF2294 (Smith) - Marriage license five-day waiting period eliminated.
HF2602 (Scott) - Private and nonpublic data use restricted to only purposes authorized by law, and motor vehicle registration data uses modified.

Civil Law and Data Practices

Audio Available: Download Mp3
I. Introduction
II. Bill 16-6068
III. Discussion
IV. Adjournment

Civil Law and Data Practices

I. Introduction

II. Overview

III. Discussion of possible compliance measures

IV. Public Testimony

The working group will hear limited public testimony (approximately 20 minutes). Interested parties may sign up to testify at the hearing. Please plan to limit your remarks to two minutes or less.


House Members

Rep. Scott
Rep. Whelan
Rep. Christensen
Rep. Fabian
Rep. Miller
Rep. Vogel
Rep. Smith
Rep. Daniels
Rep. Johnson, B
Rep. Quam
Rep. Petersburg
Rep. Kresha
Rep. Cornish
Rep. Kelly
Rep. Pugh
Rep. Mariani
Rep. Hansen
Rep. Yarusso
Rep. Isaacson
Rep. Freiberg
Rep. Clark

Senate Members

Sen. Dibble
Sen. Carlson
Sen. Clausen
Sen. Franzen
Sen. Hawj
Sen. Koenen
Sen. Latz
Sen. Reinert
Sen. Saxhaug
Sen. Schmit
Sen. Limmer
Sen. Osmek
Sen. Nelson
Sen. Senjem
Sen. Ortman
Sen. Hall
Sen. Housley

Governor's Office
Jaime Tincher

Public Members
Mary-Liz Holberg
Yvette Schue

**More Members May be Added
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 37
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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