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Elections Finance and Policy

2023-2024 Regular Session

Meets: Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. in Room 200
Committee Chair: Rep. Mike Freiberg (43B)
Vice Chair: Rep. Emma Greenman (63B)


Committee Administrator: Simon Brown 296-7427
Committee Legislative Assistant: Mike Hermanson 296-2585

Committee Documents

Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Meetings

Friday, March 31, 2023 at 10:30 AM
Time Changed Location Changed
Chair: Rep. Mike Freiberg
Location: Room 5, State Office Building

HF1723 (Freiberg); Secretary of state funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF1723 will be the vehicle for the elections finance and policy omnibus bill.
The bill will be posted early the week of March 27.
Public testimony to **new provisions** will be taken on Wednesday, March 29. **no testimony will be taken to provisions already heard**
Markup and passage will take place on Friday, March 31.

Items may be added, removed, or taken up in any order at the Chair’s discretion

If you would like to testify or provide handouts to the committee please email no later than 5pm the night before.

**Testimony may be limited at the Chair's discretion**

To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please visit the FAQs for Disability Access. If you have further questions on accommodations or accessibility, please contact the Committee Administrator.

The hearing will be broadcast through House Information Services, for more information visit:

  • HF1723 (Freiberg) - Secretary of state funding provided, and money appropriated.