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Representative Josh Heintzeman & Senator Paul Gazelka Introduce Bill to Repeal Retired Military Income Tax

Monday, January 12, 2015
News Release
Representative Josh Heintzeman & Senator Paul Gazelka Introduce Bill to Repeal Retired Military Income Tax
(ST. PAUL) – As the 2015 Legislative Session convened on Tuesday, January 6th, State Senator Paul Gazelka (R-Nisswa) and Representative Josh Heintzeman (R – Nisswa) introduced legislation to exclude retired members of the military from state income taxes. This legislation will be a great help to military veterans who would like to retire and begin a second career in Minnesota. The first bill introduced by Senator Gazelka and Representative Heintzeman in the 2015 Legislative Session will begin making its way through the legislature.

Senator Gazelka said, “The unfortunate fact is that Minnesota has consistently ranked in the bottom half of states to retire as a veteran. There are two million retired military members in America today, and Minnesota is home to less than 1% of them because we offer no retirement incentives to Veterans. Every day a service member retires from the military, and every day a military retiree is given a list of tax-friendly states in which to retire, and every day Minnesota is not on that list.”

Representative Heintzeman added, “States who have exempted retired military personnel from income taxes tend to see a large return on their investment. For example, since exempting retired military personnel from their state income tax, Wisconsin has gained $340 million additional dollars that has circulated in their economy. Their retired military residents have begun lucrative second careers; creating businesses and bringing new revenue and jobs into the state that would have otherwise not existed. Iowa enacted similar legislation last January. It’s time Minnesota does the same.”

Senator Gazelka concluded, “I’m thrilled to see strong bipartisan support on such an important financial investment for Minnesota. Not only is supporting veterans the right thing to do, but military retirees make good neighbors. They are well educated, with many having taken advantage of educational opportunities provided by the military. As a result of their service, many have acquired advanced technical and leadership skills. Virtually none have criminal records. Veterans have proven themselves to be highly productive citizens and make many contributions to the communities in which they choose to retire.”

Representative Heintzeman added, “Minnesota is falling millions of dollars behind Wisconsin each year in retiree pension incomes. In 2001 we fell behind Wisconsin by nearly $10 million and we have fallen behind each subsequent year. With a projected $1 billion surplus, now is the time to invest wisely in Minnesota’s economy and welcome retired military personnel with open arms. Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s the right thing for Minnesota.”


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