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Pro-Life in America

Friday, September 3, 2021

Pro-Life in America  

In May of this year, the State of Texas established a new law which would ban abortions in their state after a fetal heartbeat is detected. This law is one of the boldest pro-life efforts in the nation. In the past, similar bills from Georgia and Kentucky were stopped by federal courts. However, on Wednesday the Supreme Court of the United States thankfully refused to block Texas’ fetal heartbeat bill. As a result, the law will stand and has already gone into effect. 

This is great news for America. As an adamant pro-life legislator, I am greatly encouraged to see major steps taken in the fight to save unborn lives. For decades, the abortion lobby and its advocates have slaughtered innocence without a second thought. Today, I believe Americans across the country are waking up and fighting against the horrid practice of abortion. We will continue this fight and we will save unborn lives.   

In Minnesota, I am the chief author of a very similar bill, HF 643, that would prohibit abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Additionally, I am introducing a new pro-life bill in the coming special session and the next regular session of the Minnesota Legislature. 

This new bill would require health care providers to notify patients if aborted fetal tissue was used in the development or production of a vaccine, treatment, or medical therapy. If the health care providers fail to do so, then the patient will be able to seek civil remedies in court against the entity that failed to provide proper disclosure. 

Sadly, a reasonable amount of information has surfaced which shows that aborted fetal tissue was likely used in the production of new vaccines and treatments. This is unconscionable. For anyone to use and profit off the destruction of innocent lives is despicable. For corporations and health care providers to not notify patients of this heinous practice is unacceptable. My bill will hold these corporations and providers to account. 

If we are to defeat the greatest sin of our age, then we must stand together with unwavering resolve. 

“Just the Pill” 

In Minnesota, an organization called “Just the Pill” is going from small town to small town to increase abortion access. This organization primarily focuses on giving out pills that will cause a chemically induced abortion. There is no requirement that women see a doctor before taking these pills. Just the Pill’s whole operation is repugnant and deeply wrong. 

To reach rural Minnesota, they have their own mobile units which drive around handing out pills. I believe this practice is incredibly sickening, and it puts women’s health at risk. For an organization that is not even legitimate enough to accept insurance to hand out pills which cause chemically induced abortions is beyond unsafe. Just the Pill is ending the lives of unborn children and putting women in jeopardy. 

I cannot say that I am shocked by the shameless disregard for human life that is displayed by Just the Pill. Unfortunately, such disdain for the preciousness of human life has tragically become all too common today. 

Happy Labor Day   

As we enjoy the long weekend, let us remember the generations of Americans who have given their sweat, toil, and greatest efforts for the advancement of our country. For me, I want to say a special thank you to our military personnel, our first responders, and our farmers. Your work is extraordinary, and your contributions are incalculable.


Tim Miller