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Pro-Life Laws Wrongfully Overturned

Friday, July 15, 2022

On Monday, July 11, Ramsey County Judge Thomas Gilligan issued a district court ruling which struck down longstanding pro-life and pro-woman laws in Minnesota. These laws were passed over decades by principled lawmakers, backed up by hard-working, dedicated activists. Six different laws were struck down, and one arguably was weakened.

There is no longer a requirement for:

  • A physician, rather than another health professional to perform an abortion after the first trimester.
  • For an abortion to be performed in a hospital after the first trimester.
  • A 24-hour waiting period
  • Disclosure of risks and fetal development when a woman seeks an abortion.
  • Two-parent notification for minors. There is no longer any parental notification for minors.


Judge Gilligan struck down felony penalties for abortion providers who violate state reporting requirements. The effect of striking down felony penalties means that, at the moment, there are no penalties at all. Note: Abortion clinics are not regulated in Minnesota, like hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers.

The only laws that were allowed to remain involved the reporting laws, but with no penalty for not reporting. It's not hard to see how it will become an afterthought, rather than essential data, on how many abortions are performed in Minnesota and under what circumstances.

You can read Judge Gilligan’s decision here. My statement on the court ruling is below:

Judge Gilligan’s decision is reckless, immoral, and destructive. This ruling is proof that the abortion industry is not about safe or fewer abortions; their goal is more abortions. They kill for profit and call it ‘healthcare.’ 

We need to ask ourselves, where was the consideration for the unborn child in this ruling? Furthermore, do we really want one person deciding abortion laws like this? I am going to speak for the children who have no voice. I am going to speak for the mothers who have been deceived by monsters. 

Minnesota is moving on a fast track to be a national abortion hub. I will not allow that to happen. This should be a wakeup call for everyone that believes an unborn child is human and deserves to be treated as one. I hope you join me.”

Tim Miller