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Press Release - Rep. Tim Miller - 9.20.21

Monday, September 20, 2021


St. Paul – Today, State Representative Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg) made the following statement: 

“I am the author of legislation to ban abortion once the child’s heartbeat is detectable, often referred to as a ‘Heartbeat Bill’. Last week, the DFL Party of Minnesota decided to highlight my bill, HF 643, in a press release and on social media. The DFL’s opposition to pro-life legislation is no surprise. However, I am surprised they made it personal, and I am disappointed they are using this issue to raise money.

My bill would accomplish two things; first, protect the lives of children; second, truly protect women’s health. 

HF 643 simply states that if you have a heartbeat, you are a human being deserving of life and individual rights. In medicine, a person’s life is considered over when their heartbeat stops. Shouldn’t the same principle apply when considering life’s beginning? While I believe life begins at conception, I do not believe anyone can honestly disagree with the obvious fact that when a heartbeat is present, human life is present. Our society must have this conversation.

Sadly, women who undergo an abortion are at an increased risk of having miscarriages, breast cancer, and depression. Additionally, abortions often cause internal damage and severe blood loss. If Democrats truly cared about women’s health, then they would join me in the fight against abortion. Instead, Democrat leaders are lying to women by telling them that killing their child is some form of female empowerment. How shameful. 

In their press release, the DFL Party accused me of trying to bring a Texas-style abortion ban to Minnesota. Yes, that is my goal. I am in favor of banning abortion outright, but the heartbeat bills are a great place to start.

Abortion is the most important issue of our age. Decades from now, future generations will look back and judge us by whether we supported abortion or opposed it. To those who advocate for the destruction of innocent life, I implore you to search your conscience. To those who have been affected by abortion in your life, know that there is healing. There is no condemnation; not by me, and not by God.”