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Legislative update

Friday, January 20, 2023

Dear Neighbor,

It’s a dark time here at the Capitol, where House Democrats last night approved abortion legislation so extreme it would put Minnesota on par with radical regimes in North Korea and China.

In short, the DFL wants to legalize abortions at any time throughout a pregnancy and without any guardrails. Their extreme stance on abortion is out of touch with average Minnesotans and threatens the health and safety of mothers and unborn children.

This is a bill that is so radical in terms of its tolerance of the killing of the unborn that House Democrats refused several reasonable amendments, suggestions that we in the minority get to make to improve their bill.

For example, they declined common-sense language simply stipulating second- or third-term abortions must be conducted in a hospital. House Democrats also rejected an amendment prohibiting partial-birth abortions that resemble something from a horror movie but Democrats refuse to restrict in Minnesota.

This is some of the most radical, extreme, outrageous legislation this state has ever seen and it is the House Democrats’ priority. Aside from the obvious concerns over the health of women and the sanctity of the unborn presented by this bill, the mere fact this bill is titled House File 1 – indicating it is the House Democrats’ top priority – is alarming. It is the No. 1 thing they want to do this session.

Not funding education.

Not addressing the achievement gap.

Not making the streets a safer place for families.

Instead, the House Democrats’ top priority is passing a bill that goes far beyond “codifying Roe vs. Wade,” as they have been misrepresenting this proposal for months. In fact, Roe vs. Wade already is established law in Minnesota; we have our own highly compatible version: Doe vs. Gomez.

In reality, Democrats are looking to not only put Minnesota’s abortion policy on par with the most radical states in this Union, but to align our state with the most radical countries on earth. With the enactment of H.F. 1, Minnesota would have abortion policy similar to that of China – and we all know how they feel about human rights.

I vehemently oppose this bill and voted against it, as did my Republican colleagues in the House. That said, Democrats in the majority have enough members to approve the bill on their own, and that’s just what they did – believing they have your mandate.

If you value life, if you want to see common-sense protections for the unborn, then let your legislators know.

Town hall meetings scheduled

Sen. Lucero, Rep. Novotny and I have scheduled a series of town hall meetings in SD 30 the next two weekends. This is a good opportunity to share thoughts on whatever issues are important to you and discuss the 2023 session. There’s no need to RSVP and the meetings will be casual. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday January 21

  • Saint Michael Cinema at Noon-1 PM
    • Sen. Lucero & Rep. Hudson
    • 4300 O'Day Ave NE, St Michael, MN 55376
  • Otsego Denny’s at 2-3 PM
    • Sen Lucero, Rep. Hudson, and Rep. Novotny
    • 9020 Quaday Ave NE, Otsego, MN 55330

Friday January 27

  • Hanover City Hall at 6-7 PM
    • Sen. Lucero & Rep. Hudson
    • 5959 Main Ave NE, Albertville, MN 55301

Saturday January 28

  • Albertville City Hall at 11-Noon AM
    • Sen. Lucero & Rep. Hudson
    • 5959 Main Ave NE, Albertville, MN 55301
  • Elk River Public Library at 1-2 PM
    • Sen. Lucero & Rep. Novotny
    • 13020 Orono Pkwy, Elk River, MN 55330
  • Nowthen City Hall at 3-4 PM
    • Sen. Lucero & Rep. Novotny
    • 8188 199th Ave NW, Nowthen, MN  55330

Hope you are able to meet with us during these town halls and, if you are unable to attend, your input always is welcome via email.



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