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Audio/Video Archives - 2007-2008 Regular Session

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF3295 (Solberg) Conflict of interest rules clarified for local economic development authorities;
HF3374 (Bunn) Emergency responders exempted from permit requirement for emergency communication equipment;
HF3408 (Mullery) Changing the due date of the Gang and Drug Oversight Council's annual report to the legislature;
HF3448 (Tingelstad) Regulating gestational carrier arrangements;
HF3449 (Tingelstad) A bill for an act relating to assisted reproduction; changing certain regulations;
HF3498 (Berns) Firefighter Training and Education Board member compensation authorized;
HF3503 (Nelson) Peace officer or firefighter disability provision modified;
HF3505 (Bigham) Predatory offenders required to register prohibited from accessing and using social networking Web sites;
HF3531 (Olin) Predatory offender registration time period clarified to restart after conviction of a new crime;
HF3564 (Walker) Child welfare and child support provisions amended, new Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children adopted, old compact repealed, and child and adult adoptions regulated;
HF3575 (Bigham) School bus driver type III qualifications established, penalties provided, and rulemaking authorized;
HF3866 (Hilty) Cumulative suspensions of drivers' licenses halted.
HF3928 (Olin) Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; and making technical corrections.

HF3441 (Bigham) Has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

HF2811 (Atkins) Board of Accountancy governing provisions modified;
HF2911 (Atkins) Establishing offenses involving the sale and purchase of event tickets;
HF3257 (Loeffler) Allowing persons facing civil commitment as sexually dangerous persons or sexual psychopathic personalities to choose to be confined in correctional facilities while the petition is being adjudicated; addressing the cost of care for persons facing civil commitment; addressing access to certain data by county attorneys on persons facing civil commitment;
HF3342 (Bigham) Registration procedure for predatory offenders being released from a correctional facility and not going to a new primary address; clarifying sufficiency of notice for verification of a person's address for the registration of predatory offenders; making further clarification that registration of predatory offenders applies to offenders who move to Minnesota from other states; requiring predatory offender registration database checks for persons booked at jails; providing criminal penalties;
HF3378 (Tillberry) Gambling device definition clarified, and gambling devices or components for shipment to other jurisdiction provisions repealed;
HF3397 (Atkins) Gambling expenditure restriction changes made, bingo games and prizes modified, and clarifying and technical changes made;
HF3429 (Hansen) Administrative penalty orders provided, civil penalties provided, implementation plan required, and rulemaking exemption provided;
HF3583 (Johnson) Modifying the retention of juvenile adjudication history;
HF3597 (Mullery) Sexual assault indictment limitations modified;
HF3683 (Hilstrom) E-charging service provided, and fingerprinting required;
HF3690 (Kalin) Youth correction, county jail, adult offender supervision and fingerprinting technical corrections and amendments made, and Advisory Council on Interstate Adult Offender Supervision annual report date changed;
HF3775 (Olin) Sexual assault victim protection law modified;
HF3866 (Hilty) Cumulative suspensions of drivers' licenses halted.

**HF3295 (Solberg)Has been removed from the agenda

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF3301 (Kalin) Transportation construction project disclosure and proposal provision requirements changed, Technical Review Committee compensation required, and design-build request provisions modified.
HF3161 (Bigham) Minnesota deceased military personnel current listing provided
HF3302 (Atkins) Providing for the protection of written materials prepared for a closed meeting
HF3553 (Simon) Relating to data practices; making technical changes;
HF3554 (Simon) Regulating use of driver's license numbers and application information;
HF3555 (Simon) Classifying law enforcement agency hold data as private;
HF3556 (Simon) Holding department harmless for negligent dissemination of vehicle or driver data;
HF3701 (Simon) Classifying background check data on individuals as private;
HF3787 (Simon) Civil investigative and licensing data governing provisions modified.
HF3816 (Mariani) Education agencies allowed to share educational data in order to improve school instruction;
HFXXXX (Hilstrom) Metropolitan Airport Commission parking user data classified as private
HFXXXX (Simon) Authorizing the electronic exchange of certain medical data

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF1218 (Lesch) Requiring defendant waiver of jury trial to be consented by the prosecutor;
HF3438 (Thissen) Genetic handling information provisions changed;
HF3863 (Thissen) Official traffic-control device automatic enforcement authorized.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF1218 (Lesch) Requiring defendant waiver of jury trial to be consented by the prosecutor.
HF2787 (Mullery) Providing that certain private actions are in the public interest and benefit the public.
HF2996 (Paymar) authorizing deferral of judgment for certain drug offenses; repealing the sunset on early release of nonviolent controlled substance offenders; requiring the commissioner of corrections to develop a marketing plan for MINNCOR industries; defining long-term homelessness to include persons released from incarceration for purposes of receiving supportive services; granting the Department of Corrections access to DEED preconfinement data on inmates; providing a tax credit to employers that employ persons with criminal records; requiring the commissioner of corrections to study re-entry facilities and programming; increasing funding for chemical and mental health treatment for inmates and probationers; creating a certificate of rehabilitation; establishing a task force to study and recommend approaches for developing a re-entry court pilot program; establishing a controlled substance law working group; requiring the commissioner of corrections to conduct an internal review of parole and supervised release procedures and sanctions; appropriating money.
HF3217 (Shimanski) Including false police and fire emergency calls as misdemeanor offense.
HF3391 (Huntley) State health care programs funding increased, provisions modified, fees increased, subsidies provided, Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange established, standard created, reports required, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.
HF3438 (Thissen) Genetic handling information provisions changed.
HF3483 (Mullery) Police officers permitted attorney and union representation at disciplinary hearings.
HF3598 (Mullery) Sex offender minimum presumptive executed sentence imposed for repeat offenders.
HF3863 (Thissen) Official traffic-control device automatic enforcement authorized.

HF3597 (Mullery) and HF3606 (Mullery) have been removed from the agenda.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 42
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