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Audio/Video Archives - 2007-2008 Regular Session

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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Public Safety and Civil Justice

HF2141(Dominguez) Requiring expungement of court eviction records after one year;
HF2168 (Kahn) Providing for the development and regulation of an industrial hemp industry; authorizing rulemaking; providing a defense for possession and cultivation of industrial hemp; modifying the definition of marijuana;
HF2696 (Mullery) Requiring the Department of Corrections to reimburse police departments for the cost of predatory offender community notification hearings;
HF2735 (Mullery) Funding peace officer training in managing and policing citizens with mental and emotional problems; appropriating funds;
HF3204 (Cornish) Providing for exemptions to vehicle window glazing restrictions;

**HF2996 (Paymar) has been removed from the agenda.
**HF3527 (Mullery) has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF3428 (Gunther) Modifying right of tenant to pay utility bills;
HF3474 (Hilstrom) Relating to mortgages; redemption period; providing for notice of sale;
HF3475 (Mullery) Amending provisions relating to foreclosure;
HF3476 (Kohls) Providing for certain notices relating to foreclosure;
HF3477 (Gardner) Relating to manufactured housing; providing for regulation of lending practices and default; providing notices and remedies;
HF3478 (Peterson, N.) Modifying certain civil and criminal penalties;
HF3480 (Mullery) Relating to human rights; modifying filing of claim provision;
HF3516 (Davnie) Providing for certain data practices relating to foreclosure; requiring a report;
HF3517 (Davnie) Modifying expungement and withholding of rent under certain circumstances.

HF3479 (Clark) has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF1213 (Clark) Drug free and prostitution free zones expanded, pilot project funding provided for Minneapolis and St. Paul, and money appropriated.
HF1262 (Mahoney) Joint physical custody presumption created, parenting plans required in certain cases, and custody designations modified for parenting plans that use alternative terminology;
HF2627 (Hilstrom) Making changes to public nuisance law affecting evidentiary thresholds and numbers of triggering incidents required for specific offenses;
HF2898 (Paymar) Regulating claim denials under aviation liability coverage;
HF3175 (Benson) Attempted robbery penalty increased, robbery involving a motor vehicle crime created;
HF3228 (Paymar) Modifying trespassing on critical public service property;
HF3257 (Loeffler) Sexual offenders facing civil commitment allowed to choose to be confined in correctional facilities while petition is adjudicated, civil commitment cost addressed, and county attorney access to data addressed;
HF3331 (Simon) Retail property and retail establishment under theft definitions added, and new penalties created.

HF2811 (Atkins) and HF2911 (Atkins) have been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF847 (Hosch) Counties and cities authorized to impose administrative penalties for certain traffic violations;
HF2991 (Simon) Safe at Home program provisions modified;
HF3000 (Hilstrom) Statewide public safety radio system financing technical correction provided;
HF3099 (Kalin) Requiring emergency management training for certain executive branch employees.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF635 (Masin) Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act adopted;
HF1625 (Hosch) Authorizing permanent orders for protection and restraining orders after multiple violations or continued threats;
HF2602 (Nornes) Exempting police vehicles used to transport police dogs from window glazing restrictions;
HF2719 (Atkins) Prohibiting sexual relations between school employees in positions of authority and students;
HF2820 (Eastlund) Creating a matching-grant pilot program to assist communities in providing safe transportation for intoxicated persons;
HF2877 (Paymar) Establishing crime of disarming a peace officer; providing criminal penalties;
HF2949 (Atkins) Adding Salvia divinorum to schedule IV of the controlled substance schedules;
HF2991 (Simon) Safe at Home program provisions modified;
HF3102 (Bigham) Defining previous incidents of domestic abuse and previous incidents of child abuse for murder in the first degree; expanding list of predicate crimes involving domestic abuse for murder in the first degree.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 42
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