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Audio/Video Archives - 2007-2008 Regular Session

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF1726 (Thissen) Establishing the Health Records Act; providing penalties;
HF2229 (Mullery) Establishing ignition interlock device pilot project for repeat DWI offenders and providing a temporary exception to mandatory sentencing law for offenders required to use these devices;
HF907 (Paymar) Authorizing independently licensed mental health care professionals to deliver service to inmates;
HF1919 (Marquart) Providing for plats of land;
HF1169 (Walker) Changing child welfare provisions;
HF1577 (Lesch) Making changes to licensing provisions; modifying data practices, program administration, disaster plans, education programs, conditional license provisions, suspensions, sanctions, and contested case hearings, child care center training, family child care training requirements, vulnerable adults, maltreatment of minors, background studies, disqualifications, reconsiderations, disqualification set-asides, fair hearings, appeals, changing definitions of neglect and physical abuse;
HF1041 (Abeler) Establishing a controlled substances prescription electronic reporting system;
HF635 (Masin) Enacting the Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act;
HF1758 (Davnie) Regulating access devices; establishing liability for security breaches; providing enforcement powers;
HF1824 (Faust) Amusement ride regulation provisions modified.
HF931 (Mullery) Prohibiting certain predatory lending practices; prescribing criminal penalties; providing remedies;
HF1004 (Davnie) Prohibiting predatory lending practices.

HF1058 (Thissen) Has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF270 (Howes) Removing a provision relating to termination of jurisdiction;
HF1171 (Davnie) Modifying data practices provisions in the Department of Labor and Industry;
HF1542 (Zellers) Specifying amount of methamphetamine precursor drugs that consumers may purchase;
HF1756 (Hortman) Regulating salvage certificates of title and certain vehicles being dismantled or destroyed; requiring electronic notification;
HF1895 (Gardner) Including court file copy costs in expenses paid on behalf of a person proceeding in forma pauperis;
HF2205 (Bigham) Providing for applicability of certain old sex offender provisions for crimes committed before enactment of new sex offender law;

HF1505 (Cornish) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1041 (Abeler) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF93 (Mullery) Providing for parole and probation authorities to have access to certain records;
HF1625 (Hosch) Authorizing permanent orders for protection and restraining orders after multiple violations or continued threats;
HF506 (Olin) Making repeat offenders who violate domestic abuse no contact orders guilty of a felony;
HF1273 (Kranz) Providing testimonial confidentiality for certain sexual assault counselors; eliminating the "mistake of age" defense for certain criminal sexual assault offenders; enhancing penalties for certain nonconsensual sexual contact offenses committed by professionals engaged in massage or bodywork;
HF1354 (Paymar) Prohibiting mandatory polygraphs for criminal sexual conduct victims;
HF1505 (Cornish) Adding legislators as nonvoting members of the Gang and Drug Oversight Council;
HF1841 (Simon) Permitting victims of domestic abuse to terminate a lease in certain circumstances;
HF2265 (Mullery) Providing that certain violent offenders consent to on-demand searches as a condition of being released on probation, supervised release, or parole;

HF541 (Hilstrom) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF2229 (Mullery) Has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF772 (Paymar) Increasing the required minimum liability limits on aircraft insurance; providing that aircraft liability insurance is not voidable retroactively after a claim;
HF1438 (Mariani) Prohibiting commissioner of public safety from complying with Real ID Act;
HF1896 (Winkler) Establishing Legislative Commission on Terror and Disaster Preparedness; appropriating money;
HF1621 (Bunn) Establishing an environmental health tracking and biomonitoring program; appropriating money;

HF1282 (Holberg) Classifying certain transportation department data;
HF1305 (Holberg) Requiring state and local law enforcement agencies to provide certain information;
HF1306 (Holberg) Regulating business screening agencies; providing civil penalties;
HF1465 (Kohls) Requiring the commissioner of corrections to develop a standard formula for calculating the per diem cost in county and regional jails.
HF655 (Huntley) Providing for the medical use of marijuana; providing civil and criminal penalties; establishing application and renewal fees; appropriating money.
HF1019 (Olin) Requiring certain persons under the age of 18 to register as predatory offenders;

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF272 (Haws) Clarifying that a statute ensuring the continuation of state licenses and certificates of registration for any trade, employment, occupation, or profession while soldiers and certain essential employees are engaged in active military service applies to licenses and certificates of registration requiring firearms safety and usage training;
HF1130 (Nelson) Making it a crime to falsely report police misconduct to an attorney or other person whose responsibilities include investigating or reporting police misconduct; prescribing penalties;
HF1396 (Madore) A bill for an act relating to guardians and conservators; changing certain requirements and procedures;
SF302 (Foley) Phlebotomists blood sample from DWI offenders authorization; criminal vehicular operation law modification;

HF1046 (Hornstein) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF243 (Walker) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1737 (Atkins) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF700 (Eastlund) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF34 (Kahn) Establishing state policy for stem cell research; providing criminal penalties; appropriating money;
HF611 (Anzelc) Protecting certain communication in the workplace between labor organizations and employees; prohibiting certain employer conduct; providing civil remedies;
HF999 (Mahoney) Requiring consideration of a child's residence in a foreign country when deviating from the presumptive child support amount;
HF1041 (Abeler) Establishing a controlled substances prescription electronic reporting system;
HF1242 (Mullery) Requiring the Board of Public Defense to allocate and distribute funds based on weighted caseload;
HF1342 (Smith) Defining qualified domestic-related offenses and crimes of violence; making technical changes;
HF1500 (Smith) Making child support policy clarifications and improvements;
HF1621 (Bunn) Establishing an environmental health tracking and biomonitoring program; appropriating money;
HF1907 (Clark) Specifying additional facilities that must comply with state rules and federal regulations regarding hazardous substances.
HF821 (Smith) Adjusting the monetary thresholds for certain property offenses;
HF211 (Zellers) Prohibiting sale of information provided on a mortgage application.

HF345 (Severson) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1281 (Erickson) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1046 (Hornstein) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1019 (Olin) Has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF1595 (Swails) Statutory housing warranties; regulating recovery for breaches;
HF1872 (Thissen) Regulating conflicts of interest for certain Hennepin Healthcare System personnel;
HF1209 (Mullery) Regulating certain transactions with homeowners whose homes are in foreclosure;
HF1121 (Morrow) Permitting use of 911 data to notify the public of an emergency;
HF131 (Hilstrom) Restricting the use of Social Security numbers;
HF1230 (Nelson) Modifying requirements for 911 emergency communication fees;
HF1302 (Kalin) Modifying driver record provision;
HF1393 (Hilstrom) Clarifying and updating law governing MINNCOR prison industries; adjusting the date for community corrections counties to submit expenditure and cost statements;
HF1388 (Hilstrom) Authorizing the attorney general to represent guardians ad litem who are sued for acts committed in scope of employment; removing certain salary range language for state court administrator and district administrators; requiring county responsibility for persons civilly committed; reinstating certain bail forfeiture language inadvertently removed; authorizing the state court administrator to develop a uniform form for summons and writ of recovery of premises; modifying provisions of law to conform to current guardian ad litem responsibilities; permitting court administrators to collect restitution for six years; providing new judges expense payments; removing certain obsolete judicial provisions relating to reports.

HF1628 (Lesch) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF898 (Hilstrom) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1734 (Dominguez) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF857 (Paymar) Has been removed from the agenda.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 42
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