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Audio/Video Archives - 2007-2008 Regular Session

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF1569 (Olin) Requiring credit be given to driver's license offenses committed in Canada;
HF1506 (Olin) Authorizing an innocent party's name associated with a criminal history to be redacted under certain circumstances;
HF1225 (Olin) Modifying the limitation on actions for damages based on services or construction to improve real property for certain actions;
HF1278 (Olin) Providing for homestead property;
HF767 (Dominguez) Appropriating money for an offender reentry pilot project;
HF1043 (Simon) Requiring predatory offenders to register electronic mail addresses and related information to law enforcement;
HF1063 (Simon) Adopting the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act.
HF1441 (Simon) Limited purpose companies; making nonsubstantive term changes.

HF1396 (Madore) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1146 (Murphy, M) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1823 (Paymar) Establishing a five-year demonstration project designed to apply best practices to improve and promote the recovery and success of high-risk adults who frequently use costly public services such as emergency rooms, treatment programs, jails, prisons, and detoxification facilities; combining an innovative management and governance structure; assembling core services currently provided separately, including housing, behavioral health, health care, employment, and community and family reengagement; appropriating money;
HF895 (Eken) Authorizing withdrawal by a county from a regional jail system;
HF1360 (Simon) Relating to data practices; clarifying duties and classifications; making technical changes;
HF1173 (Hornstein) Classifying certain labor relations data related to the Metropolitan Council as nonpublic data;
HF904 (Dill) Modifying land acquisition requirements; modifying land owners' bill of rights; modifying recordation requirements for mineral interests; adding to and deleting from state parks; authorizing public and private sales and conveyances of
certain state lands.

HF772 (Paymar) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF906 (Thissen) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1171 (Davnie) Has been removed from the agenda.
HF1726 (Thissen) Has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

HF34 (Kahn) Establishing state policy for stem cell research; providing criminal penalties; appropriating money.
HF196 (Greiling) Changing mental health provisions; requiring mental health assessments for certain inmates.
HF611 (Anzelc) Protecting certain communication in the workplace between labor organizations and employees; prohibiting certain employer conduct; providing civil remedies.
HF738 (Greiling) Civil commitment: expanding early intervention services.
HF1178 (Lillie) Requiring driver's license endorsement to operate three-wheeled motorcycle.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF230 (Mullery) Amending the predatory offender registration law for other offenses.
HF415 (Poppe) Modifying exemptions to noise standards.
HF448 (Mullery) Repealing the program that involved mailed demands that vehicle owners provide verification of auto insurance.
HF584 (Mullery) Increasing penalties for metal theft.
HF1033 (Simon) Expanding the protection against employer retaliation.
HF1251 (Atkins) Authorizing direct actions and imposing direct liability on certain insurers in certain actions; regulating actions involving certain insurance practices; appropriating money.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF455 (Murphy, M.) Public defense provisions of law updated and clarified, defendant representation co-payments eliminated, and chief public defender appointment provided.
HF505 (Hilstrom) Restraining orders authorized against Internet providers or other computer systems publishing harassing information.
HF1008 (Johnson) Child placement background check requirements modified.
HF1166 (Haws) Motor vehicle hit-and-run petty misdemeanor imposed for certain offenses.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF1200 (Kranz) Revisor's bill correcting erroneous, ambiguous, and omitted text and obsolete references; and making technical corrections.
HF996 (Lesch) Tax data classification and disclosure provisions clarified and modified, and class 1b homestead declarations administration and classification provided.
HF950 (Carlson) Fourth Judicial District obsolete references and provisions removed, unintentional repeal corrected, bail proceeds payment resumed for Hennepin County municipalities.
HF503 (Hilstrom) Sexual solicitation of children through the Internet crimes provided.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 42
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