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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Office of the Legislative Auditor's Report on the Public Defender System

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Bills Added:
HF2757 (Kahn) - Weight of water used in a controlled substance filtration device established when determining weight or amount of controlled substance.
HF2701 (Atkins) - Firefighter related terms modified.
HF2950 (Atkins) - Deceptive practices prohibited in the sale of event tickets.
HF2888 (Bigham) - Careless driving resulting in death; criminal penalty provided.
HF524 (Mullery) - County jail reentry project established, and money appropriated.
HF2607 (Mullery) - Detention placement options clarified for extended jurisdiction juveniles pending revocation hearings.
HF2618 (Mullery) - Court required to provided a general notice of collateral sanctions to a juvenile before accepting a guilty plea.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Report Presentation from the Corrections Strategic Management and Operations Advisory Taskforce

*** NOTE *** For the Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee, this joint hearing is in lieu of the regularly scheduled time (1:00 p.m.)

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Overview on 2010 Sentencing Guidelines Annual Report to the Legislature
*HF1457 was passed after a full hearing in the 2009 session and returned to the committee pursuant to House Rule 4.20. The committee intends to limit itself to taking procedural action to return this bill to the General Register.
Bills Added:
HF1457 (Johnson) - Unfunded mandates affecting local governmental units eliminated.
HF2616 (Kahn) - Bicyclists allowed to stop and proceed through red light under limited circumstances.
HF2470 (Hilstrom) - Scanning device and reencoder use to acquire information from payment cards included as identity theft.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF108 (Norton) Seat belt violation made a primary offense in all seating positions regardless of age.
HF1719 (Atkins) Viatical settlements regulated, and Viatical Settlements Model Act of the National Association of Insurance Commissions enacted and modified.
HF1394 (Hayden) Real property; Notice requirements specified, reduced redemption period for abandoned property and public nuisances provisions modified, a duty to protect vacant foreclosed property established, failure to maintain property fines imposed, construction site trespassing posting requirements altered, civil and criminal penalties imposed.
HF1947 (Lesch) Statewide Minnesota prescription program established, use of tamper-resistant prescription drug forms required, and money appropriated.
HF7 (Winkler) Laws prohibiting misuse of state funds clarified and strengthened.
HF545 (Champion) Civil rights restoration notice required.
HF1457 (Johnson) Unfunded mandates affecting local governmental units eliminated.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 37
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