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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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HF161 (Thissen) Medical response unit reimbursement pilot program established, emergency medical services programs funded, and money appropriated.
HF971 (Bigham) Predatory offender registration time period rule clarified.
HF695 (Hilstrom) Marriage terms, procedures, and forms clarified, modified, and specified
HF792 (Hilstrom) Machine gun and short-barreled shotgun possession included on list of crimes against a person for registration under the Predatory Offender Registration Law.

HF180 (Paymar) has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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HF267 (Hortman) Motor vehicle restraint required for child passengers under the age of eight and shorter than four feet nine inches and seat belt requirements modified accordingly.
HF755 (Simon) Felony theft added to racketeering statute, and identity theft added to the enhanced penalty for theft.
HF668 (Morrow) Postcrash procedures provided for school buses in accidents.
HF509 (Hilstrom) Public defender representation provisions modified.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Oversight of Department of Public Safety.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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HF582 (Lesch) Defendant waiver of jury trial requirement changed.
HF45 (Bigham) Penalty provided for careless driving resulting in death, and providing for revocation of violator's driver's license.
HF134 (Garofalo) Careless driving resulting in death classified as a gross misdemeanor.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

HF129 (Bigham) Electronic devices prohibited to sexually solicit children.
HF130 (Bigham) Predatory offenders prohibited from accessing and using social networking Web sites which require registration.
Minnesota Courts overview

Reports from Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division:
HF139 (Doty) Domestic violence awareness month designated for month of October.
HF254 (Thissen) Law enforcement required to provide violent crime alerts to citizens who request notification, and crime alerts required to be distributed in a format that disabled citizens can access.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 37
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