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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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HF1543 (Slawik) Family day care background checks required, and criminal history data access allowed.
HF1442 (Olin) Crime of fleeing a peace officer modified.
HF1224 (Mullery) State policy established on disproportionate minority contact in juvenile justice system.
HF1962 (Kohls) Juvenile petty offender parents allowed probation supervisory duties.
HF1301 (Hilstrom) Public Safety Policy Omnibus Bill
A delete-everything amendment is available online or outside 387A State Office Building.

The committee has already heard testimony on these two bills below. (HF582 and HF570) The committee will limit itself to procedural action only.

HF582 (Lesch) Defendant waiver of jury trial requirement changed.
HF570 (Champion) Rest area activities prohibited.

The committee will reconvene at 6:30pm in 400N State Office Building to hear:

HF1238 (Dill) Refund provisions modified, definitions modified, publication requi

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF1460 (Johnson) Earned compliance credit program established for persons on supervised release.
HF1827 (Paymar) Judicial sanctions enforced, fines, fees, and surcharges included.
HF728 (Mullery) Animal fighting device or substance possession prohibited.
HF2063 (Hilstrom) Commissioner of public safety required to present performance measures to the legislature.
HF2065 (Hilstrom) Commissioner of corrections required to present performance measures to the legislature.
HF2027 (Johnson) Probation officers and pretrial release agents authorized to conduct searches of persons on probation or pretrial release.
HF2045 (Winkler) Specialized emergency response teams provided to supplement resources responding to catastrophe.
HF2022 (Bigham) Registered housing included with services establishments in definition of health care facility for registration of predatory offenders.
HF1639 (Morrow) Minnesota sex offender program provisions modified, additional oversight and client grievance proce

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

HF292 (Rukavina) Medical marijuana use provided, civil and criminal penalties provided, and money appropriated.
HF988 (Mariani) REAL ID Act implementation prohibited.
HF1405 (Hilstrom) Tax data disclosed to law enforcement authorities.
HF1397 (Hilstrom) Fourth Judicial District provided fiscal flexibility as to the location of court facilities.
HF1791 (Nelson) Peace officer and corrections officer employment provided under joint power agreements.
HF1805 (Atkins) Full-time firefighter licensing standards and fees established.

The committee will reconvene at 6:15 p.m. in 400N State Office Building to hear:
Reports from Crime Victims/Criminal Records
HF1043 (Johnson) Job applicant's criminal history consideration addressed during the public employment hiring process;
HF1518 (Champion) Commissioner of public safety authorized to gather, compile, and publish data on human trafficking every three years.
HF1636 (Clark) Human trafficking victims' housing and support services prov

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Reports from Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division:
HF1273 (Rosenthal) Domestic abuse arrest time expanded;
HF1546 (Rosenthal) Eliminating the requirement that a previous conviction be against a family or household member to enhance a domestic assault conviction;
HF1245 (Simon) Domestic abuse provisions modified, definitions expanded, and no contact orders expanded to apply throughout the state;
HF1349 (Hilstrom) Victims of criminal sexual conduct required to receive information regarding orders for protection and restraining orders;
HF1199 (Lesch) Felony domestic assault and domestic assault by strangulation defined as crimes of violence;
HF1392 (Lesch) Omnibus sexual conduct technical review bill provided;
HF1120 (Kath) Comprehensive incident-based reporting system data use delineated;
HF1119 (Kath) Bureau of Criminal Apprehension; statutes amended to reflect organizational changes.
HF1509 (Hilstrom) Challenge incarceration program expanded.
HF1145 (Bigham) Investment an

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
HF1050 (Olin) Short term commitment authorization repealed.
HF1270 (Paymar) Short-term offender pilot project development required, money appropriated.
HF1521 (Liebling) Earned release dates for imprisoned offenders provided, qualifying offenders required to be placed on enhanced reentry supervised release, and law requiring short-term offenders to be incarcerated in local correctional facilities repealed, and money appropriated.
HF67 (Mullery) Gross misdemeanor created for assaulting a utility employee or contractor.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 37
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