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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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HF253 (Tillberry) Dog and cat breeder standards of care provided, and money appropriated.
HF819 (Atkins) Ticket sales; early internet sales of event tickets at inflated prices prohibited.
HF1213 (Hortman) Prostitution penalty enhancement provision for repeat offenders clarified, prostitution in a public place crime broadened, driving records relating to prostitution offenses made public for repeat offenders, and record availability ensured to law enforcement for first-time offenders.
HF1145 (Bigham) Investment and expert services for indigent defendants payment request applications modified.
HF497 (Mullery) Firearm data access authorized by parole and probation authorities.
HF1237(Eken) State park permit requirements modified, authority to operate state monuments and establish secondary units modified, John A. Latsch State Park liquor service eliminated, boater waysides provided, watercraft requirements modified, penalty appeals and enforcement provided, wild animal taking provide

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

HF1242 (Seifert) Brandon's law established, procedures implemented for investigating missing person cases, and Minnesota Clearinghouse for Missing Persons established.
HF1162 (Kath) Correctional facilities authorized to forward surcharges from criminal and traffic offender wages to court or other entity.
HF1097 (Hansen) Aircraft cockpits secured against lasers.
HF570 (Champion) Rest area activities prohibited.
HF1422 (Bigham) Financial Oversight Council changed to an advisory board.
HF525 (Mullery) Current DWI ignition interlock device pilot program expanded by two years and applied statewide.
HF1301 (Hilstrom) County authority and detention orders clarified.
HF1235 (Hilstrom) Aggravated sentencing departure factors included that are not elements of the crime of conviction.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

HF589 (Lesch) Driver's license reinstatement diversion pilot program created for individuals charged with driving without a valid license.
HF1144 (Bigham) Out-of-state juvenile placement reports repealed, Sentencing Guidelines Commission review of reports required.
HF1274 (Rosenthal) Statewide Radio Board designated as Minnesota's State Interoperability Executive Committee.
HF1264 (Hilstrom) Trespass crime expanded to prohibit entry into areas cordoned off by peace officers.
HF702 (Hilstrom) Summary data collection and reporting required relating to decisions that affect a child's status within the juvenile justice system.
HF1039 (Smith) Provisions clarified for an inmate convicted for assaulting a correctional officer to serve sentence consecutive to the sentence for which they are imprisoned.

HF1223 (Bigham) has been removed from the agenda.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

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Reports from Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division:
HF248 (Paymar) Existing domestic fatality review team continuation authorized and all judicial districts permitted to create domestic fatality review teams;
HF551 (Kalin) Predatory offender risk-level assessment process amended, penalties increased, and training required regarding predatory offenders for those who care for children and vulnerable adults.
HF720 (Hilstrom) Uniform Child Witness Testimony by Alternative Methods Act adopted.
HF818 (Hilstrom) Financial records disclosure in connection with financial exploitation investigations authorized, procedures for reporting and investigating maltreatment modified, duties of financial institutions in cases of financial exploitation specified, and penalties imposed.
HF1021 (Kelly) Arrest authorized for person who escapes from custody on an allegation or adjudication of a delinquent act.

Public Safety Policy and Oversight

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Report from Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division:
HF116 (Ward) Type III school bus driver qualifications modified.
HF980 (Lieder) Peace officer eligibility requirements based on military experience modified.
HF622 (Welti) Local law enforcement agency grant established to develop or expand lifesaver programs that locate lost or wandering persons who are mentally impaired, task force authorized, and money appropriated.
HF180 (Paymar) Heads of law enforcement agencies penalty established for those who allow nonlicensed employees and peace officer agents to carry firearms.
HF600 (Kalin) Controlled substance offense minimum fine disbursement authorized to juvenile substance abuse court programs.
HF166 (Sanders) Retail sales of recalled toys prohibited.
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