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Audio/Video Archives - 2007-2008 Regular Session

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF3553/SF3235 (Simon/Olson, M) Omnibus data practices provisions modification.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF635 (Masin) Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act adopted;
HF1239 (Simon) Sexual abuse against a minor civil actions limitation period modified;
HF3146 (Hilstrom) Social Security number collection and use restrictions modified;
HF3371 (Tingelstad) Birth record access allowed to adopted persons;
HF3572 (Smith) Furniture Fire Safety Act repealed;
HF3610 (Loeffler) Medical debt information regulated;
HF3612 (Davnie) Minnesota Subprime Foreclosure Deferment Act of 2008 provisions provided;
HF4012 (Mullery) Minnesota Subprime Foreclosure Extension Act provided.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF1306 (Holberg) Business screening agencies regulated;
HF3129 (Marquart) Plat requirements modified;
HF3372 (Thissen) Uniform billing and electronic claim filing provisions changed and compliance procedures for electronic transactions established;
HF3553 (Simon) Data practices technical changes made.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF3302 (Atkins) Public meeting written material protection provided;
HF3850 (Paymar) Domestic abuse advocate testimony limited without consent of victims.

Public Safety and Civil Justice

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HF2095 (Eastlund) Peace officer reciprocity licensing exam eligibility criteria modified to include persons in active military service;
SF2379 (Dill) Reestablishment cost limit provisions amended;
HF2460 (Dill) Provisional driver's license additional training requirements specified, and criminal penalty imposed for falsifying requirements;
HF2628 (Norton) Provisional driver's license requirements modified;
HF2955 (Simon) School background check requirements modified;
HF2967 (Hortman) Trailer brake motor vehicle weight limit modified, and penalties imposed for forging or possessing false commercial motor vehicle inspection decals;
HF2970 (Drazkowski) Motorists required to move to far left of roadway before passing road maintenance workers;
HF3101 (Bigham) Domestic abuse no contact order violations criminal penalty increased;
HF3161 (Bigham) Minnesota deceased military personnel current listing provided;
HF699 (Nornes) Adult certification for juvenile violent offenses lowered to age 13;
HF3281 (Dill) Snowmobile training provisions modified;
HF3301 (Kalin) Transportation construction project disclosure and proposal provision requirements changed, Technical Review Committee compensation required, and design-build request provisions modified;
HF3302 (Atkins) Public meeting written material protection provided;
HF3367 (Pelowski) Relating to data practices; specifying access to disputed data; requiring closed meetings to be recorded; granting attorney fees in certain cases;
HF3396 (Simon) Hearing time requirements modified and clarified, prehearing discharge exception provided for commitment petitions involving mentally ill or sexually dangerous persons;
HF3456 (Tschumper) Local government interstate assistance authorized for emergency services;
HF3726 (Hornstein) Wireless communication devices limited while operating motor vehicles;
HF3767 (Olin) Predatory offender written verification permitted for residence in another state;
HF3670 (Mullery) Posttraumatic stress disorder criminal case defendant screening required, mitigated dispositions authorized for offenders who receive treatment, legislative report and collection of summary data required, and information pamphlet required;
HF3787 (Simon) Civil investigative and licensing data governing provisions modified;
HF3793 (Davnie) Student cooperation with educators policy clarified;
HF3974 (Dominguez) Domestic fatality review team continuation authorized;
HF3900 (Mullery) Misdemeanor penalty increase provided;
HF3995 (Mullery) Creating a gross misdemeanor for assaulting a utility employee or contractor;
HF498 (Cornish) Self-defense; use of force in defense of home and person laws clarified, self-defense and defense of home laws extended and codified, and common law duty to retreat eliminated.

HF3521 (Loeffler), HF3553 (Simon), HF3827(Morrow) and HF3866 (Hilty) have been removed from the agenda.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 42
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