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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Grants proposed to fund secondary education of meat cutting, butchery

The bill would appropriate $1 million to the Department of Agriculture for education grants to secondary schools with career and technical education programs that provide instruction on meat cutting and butchery.

Could state’s surplus smooth way for eliminating taxes on Social Security benefits?

The Department of Revenue estimates that the change would reduce General Fund revenue by $509.6 million in fiscal year 2023, $547.3 million in fiscal year 2024, and $578.6 million in fiscal year 2025.

Legislation calls for end to disciplinary dismissals of K-3 students

HF951 would prohibit dismissals of students in kindergarten through third grade, unless non-exclusionary discipline measures have been exhausted.

House member hopes bill will spur discussion about end-of-life plans

HF2670 would require health insurance plans to include advance care planning services in their coverage.

Economic development panel approves bill to extend broadband internet service to hard-to-reach households

If you are reading this story and the page loaded quickly — and if the embedded video plays smoothly without that annoying spinning thingy — consider yourself fortunate. Abo...

Judiciary panel lays over felony murder law reform bill

Minnesota’s aiding and abetting felony murder laws allow people to be charged and convicted of murder even if they did not kill anyone nor intend for anyone to die. While th...

With long waits driving customers crazy, lawmaker proposes plan to reduce frustration of getting new licenses, IDs

Long waits, multiple return visits, and inconsistent information are some of the complaints about the current method of getting a new driver’s license. The process can be frustr...

Legislature could examine new ways to calculate compensatory revenue for MN schools

Minnesota schools get compensatory revenue to help underprepared students reach performance standards. The state uses the number of students eligible to receive free or reduced-...

Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund appropriations OK’d despite no LCCMR recommendation

HF3765 would appropriate $70.88 million from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

‘We’ve got to stop this behavior,’ says lawmaker sponsoring bill to punish disruptive spectators at youth sports

As a part-time sports official, Rep. John Huot (DFL-Rosemount) knows that having a thick skin is part of the job.

No action taken on proposed temporary extension of waiver for child care centers

Particularly in Greater Minnesota, child care centers for years have faced problems hiring qualified providers. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the crisis, requiring a state i...

Targeting more green innovation, bill would extend incentives to on-site energy storage

HF4402 would create a $10 million grant program to reduce the cost of purchasing and installing an on-site energy storage system.

Bill proposes tweaks to state’s substance abuse treatment licensing requirements

State requirements that force people from their job if substance use problems arise could be on their way out. Tuesday, the House Human Services Finance and Policy Committee...

With MN short on housing, bill would push production to increase homeownership

HF3966 would establish a homeownership investment grant program, add more down payment assistance for first-time homebuyers and create a revolving fund for manufactured homes.

Time for a rebrand? House lawmakers consider measure to redesign MN's flag, seal

HF284 calls for a State Emblems Redesign Commission to develop, design and recommend a new state flag and state seal.

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