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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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More MN workers would receive paid sick and safe time under bill passed in House

HF41 would provide one hour of paid sick and safe time for every 30 hours worked. Workers could earn up to 48 hours a year and carry over up to 80 unused hours from year to year.

Conference committee begins work on reconciling reinsurance bills

The House and Senate agree the state should continue it reinsurance program for companies in the individual market.

House passes warehouse distribution center worker safety bill

Troubled by reports of injuries and lack of transparency for performance standards at Amazon warehouses, the House passed a bill on Monday to establish certain provisions for wa...

Division report features tax relief for renters and homeowners, aid for school districts and local governments

If you rent the place where you live, a tax break may be on the way. And homeowners may start seeing bigger refunds, too.

House votes to ratify state employee union labor agreements, compensation plans

HF3346 would ratify certain labor agreements and compensation plans covering Minnesota state employees, along with memorandums of understanding.

Bill proposes aid to help build more sustainable local food economy

A local system of producing, preserving, cooking and consuming food based in time-tested, more sustainable practices would serve the state in addressing issues of health, climat...

Panel approves proposed rules for disposal of pesticide-treated crop seeds

HF766 would regulate the sale, use and disposal of seed treated with neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides used as a seed treatment for various crops.

Week in Review: March 21-25

The session’s first committee deadline has come and gone — and the second is just a week away, on April 1. That’s the date by when committees must act favorably on bills, or com...

Provision allowing large brewers to sell growlers moves forward as part of omnibus liquor bill

Minnesota beer drinkers may be able to buy some of the state’s most popular brews directly from their brewers.

Could cameras slow MN's speeding drivers? Legislation proposes pilot program to find out

HF4242 would allow the Transportation and Public Safety departments to work with communities to implement speed camera pilot programs in designated work and school zones.

Health panel hears bill to distribute free masks, COVID-19 antigen tests to Minnesota residents

HF3862 would direct the Department of Health to distribute free COVID-19 tests, masks, and respirators to Minnesotans.

Bill proposes multi-pronged approach for easing MN's human services workforce shortage

Legislators continually hear about workforce shortages in a variety of industries, especially in caring occupations like nursing or staffing long-term care facilities. One p...

Lawmakers consider creation of Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Office

A Minnesota Outdoor Recreation Office could be created to attract tourism and business. Sponsored by Rep. Jim Davnie (DFL-Mpls), HF4356 would establish the office to increas...

House votes to reauthorize reinsurance program in individual market

Reauthorization of a reinsurance program meant to stabilize health insurance premiums in the individual market was passed by the House Thursday.

Public safety panel approves $151 million bill proposing ‘innovative solutions’ to fight rise in crime

HF4200 would spend $151 million on public safety programs focusing on partnering police with community-based crime-fighting groups focused on preventing crime in the first place.

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