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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Committee OKs $1 billion plan for bonus pay to frontline workers

Frontline workers in a range of industries, from health care to meat packing, could each receive $1,500 for working with the public during the COVID-19 emergency.

Proposed grant program would provide $75 million to help emergency shelters provide for MN homeless

HF3090 would appropriate $75 million in fiscal year 2023 for the development, improvement or expansion of emergency shelter facilities.

Legislation seeks solution to special education funding shortfall

HF2657 would require the state to ensure cross subsidy costs are covered beginning in fiscal year 2023.

Dental exam could be just another school test under new proposal

Sponsored by Rep. Steve Sandell (DFL-Woodbury), HF3114 would allow a fledging network of school-based health centers to further expand throughout the state.

Funding, use remain topics of debate surrounding state’s disaster contingency fund

The House Industrial Education and Economic Development Finance and Policy Committee heard a presentation Wednesday on the Disaster Assistance Contingency Account from the state’s top emergency manager.

Native plants vs. lush lawns — state or local governments best to decide?

HF2618 would require cities to allow the maintenance and management of a natural landscape on private property.

U of M makes a ‘bold’ ask of lawmakers: $400m in extra funding through ‘25

When it comes to receiving a piece of the state’s projected budget surplus, the University of Minnesota is giving it the old college try.

Warehouses could see increased workers’ safety requirements

Employees could receive increased safety and performance assessment in large warehouses as one company is under fire for its labor practices.

Speed to blame for surge in traffic fatalities, officials tell House lawmakers

Minnesota has seen a big jump in roadway fatalities in the past two years, and state officials say speed is the chief reason.

Allowing younger liquor servers may be temporary solution to staffing shortage

Minnesota could allow 17-year-olds to serve liquor as a temporary answer to labor shortages.

Public safety panel hears new proposal to fund fight vs. sex trafficking

HF2959 would appropriate an additional $3.03 million in fiscal year 2023 to establish grants for state and local units of government to fight the sale of human beings for sex.

Speaking to lawmakers, state’s top housing official offers explanation for abrupt end to rental assistance program

An increasing load of applications coupled with decreasing funds forced the sudden deadline, which was set just three weeks prior, Housing Commissioner Jennifer Ho told the House Housing Finance and Policy Committee Tuesday.

Education committee holds over plans for English Learner funding increases

About $62 million is expected to be allocated through the English learner formula for fiscal year 2023. Education officials say more is needed.

Student data privacy bill moving through House would bring MN laws ‘into the 21st century’

Federal law prohibits private data on students from being disclosed to the wrong parties, but Rep. Sandra Feist (DFL-New Brighton) says Minnesotans need stronger laws offering more protections.

Who will get big bucks coming state’s way from federal infrastructure act?

An estimated $7.3 billion in funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is headed Minnesota's way.

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