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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Proposed stadium refinance fund seeks to save state millions of dollars

Rep. Michael Nelson (DFL-Brooklyn Park) sponsors HF3542 to create a stadium refinance fund to be filled at the end of fiscal year with the greater of excess money after stadium-related expenses or $44 million.

MN AG: Now’s time to strengthen state’s anti-competitive statutes

HF4142, sponsored by Rep. Steve Elkins (DFL-Bloomington), would prohibit price discrimination when the result harms competition.

Education panel advances bill proposing free breakfast, lunch for all MN students

HF1729 would ensure schools provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students without collecting information about their household incomes.

Property tax relief could be on the way via boost to annual refund

Minnesota’s property tax refund program is intended to keep low-income households from becoming overloaded with tax burden, just as a circuit breaker is designed to keep electric circuits from being overloaded with energy.

Legislation would fund in-home health care for infants, expecting families

Doctors haven’t made house calls since the middle of the last century, but nurses and other health care practitioners could do health checks at the homes of some Minnesota families expecting or caring for an infant.

Bill seeks to help schools better cover high cost of special education needs

HF3963 would create a new category of special education aid, called “high-cost services aid,” to provide additional special education funding for certain school districts.

White-tailed deer farmers could get financial help after feeling impacts of movement bans

Chronic wasting disease has forced the Department of Natural Resources to impose movement bans on farmed white-tailed deer in Minnesota.

Protection of private property among concerns in bill regarding homeless encampment policies

Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL-Mpls) has spent time at homeless encampments in her district. She’s seen the impact of sudden changes when people in the encampments are forced to move sud...

A change to driving requirements for care assistants could offer greater access, cost savings

Personal care assistants can accompany, but not drive without clocking out, people they support to medical appointments, family visits and other activities of community living. ...

Outdoor heritage bill gets a bump from increased sales tax revenues

The February budget forecast made clear that much more money is available than lawmakers expected.

Kids suffering mental health crisis would have place to go under new proposal

Imagine, if you are a parent, that your 13-year-old child is sobbing, so sad they tell you they don’t want to live. You take them to the emergency room, but because they don’t h...

Judiciary committee OKs bill to beef up protections against predatory insurance settlements

Suppose you are injured in a car crash, and an insurance company offers you a settlement to take care of your medical needs for the rest of your life. But then you are appro...

House panel advances bill aiming to safeguard MN kids from social media rabbit hole

Minnesota could be a national leader in putting new guardrails on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

State’s public health emergency preparedness in need of upgrade, House lawmaker says

HF4103 would appropriate $9 million in fiscal year 2023 for distribution to local and tribal public health organizations for public health emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

Proposal to scrub state investments tied to Russia gets strong committee support

The bill would direct the State Board of Investment to divest Minnesota’s investments from Russia and Belarus by Aug. 1, 2022.

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