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Session Daily Archive

A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Armored vest authorization sought for ‘very vulnerable’ first responders

HF2867 would authorize firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics to participate in the state’s soft body armor reimbursement program.

Permanent funding sought for voluntary pre-K, school readiness programs

HF2655 seeks permanent funding for the expanded Voluntary Prekindergarten and School Readiness Plus programs.

How to get renewable energy onto the grid? Northfield has an idea

Could Northfield go it alone? Could a small southern Minnesota city have its own electrical distribution grid, employing solar energy and taking care of its own storage needs?

House panel considers bills to increase housing infrastructure bonds

A pair of legislators have $500 million worth of ideas to increase the amount of low-income housing and the type of units to be constructed.

Default approach shouldn’t be terminating parental rights, bill supporters say

Offering an alternative to terminating parental rights, expressing a preference for placement with family and keeping with best practices when children cannot be returned to the...

Executive branch labor agreements, compensation plans gain committee support

About 90% of the state’s roughly 50,000 executive branch employees are represented by one of 17 occupationally based bargaining units.

Greater guidance for school anti-bullying bills get different results

A pair bills to provide clearer guidelines to tackle the issue of harassment causing mental and physical pain, and to bring school district employees within its purview received education committee review.

Student loan forgiveness pitched as possible solution to rural health worker shortage

Every day, Dr. Cybill Oragwu sees the real-world consequences of a shortage of health care workers in rural Minnesota.

Trio of bills aim to address barriers to employment, business growth

A trio of bills aimed at knocking down barriers that prevent businesses from growing and employees from finding work come with a $14 million price tag in fiscal year 2023.

Hemp could be approved as food additive in Minnesota

Sponsored by Rep. Samantha Vang (DFL-Brooklyn Center), HF2996 would approve industrial hemp extracts as a food additive.

Poston announces he won’t seek re-election

Rep. John Poston announced he will not seek re-election to the House, nor will he run for a Senate seat.

Week in Review: Feb. 14-18

There were nearly 50 House hearings and three floor sessions this week – all before Friday. Plus, this was the week the newly redrawn district maps were released that will g...

Public safety committee OKs legislation to restrict no-knock warrants

HF3398, sponsored by Rep. Athena Hollins (DFL-St. Paul), would severely restrict no-knock warrants.

Expanded child care credit could ease parents’ burden, bill’s supporters say

HF3283, a bill sponsored by Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn (DFL-Eden Prairie), would more than triple the size of the tax credit for dependent care.

House panel approves certification program for salt deicing applications

Sponsored by Rep. Peter Fischer (DFL-Maplewood), HF2908 would create a voluntary certification program for commercial applicators through the Pollution Control Agency.

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