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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Partial tax exclusion plan to fund more affordable housing gets House division’s OK

It is widely accepted that multiple solutions are needed to address the lack of affordable housing in the state.

Bill would pump $304.9 million into wastewater, drinking water treatment upgrades

HF3858 would appropriate $304.9 million in fiscal year 2023 to provide grants to cites for upgrades to their water systems.

Grants, scholarships proposed to prepare underrepresented student teachers of color

Two higher education programs were created by the Legislature in 2021 to increase the diversity of Minnesota’s teacher workforce.

Party-line vote progresses proposed Minnesota Nursing Home Workforce Standards Board to next committee

HF3405 calls for a nine-member Minnesota Nursing Home Workforce Standards Board to create and oversee industry workforce standards.

Sports betting bill gets out of the gate with first committee approval

Sports betting would be permitted at tribal casinos or on mobile apps licensed to tribal entities.

Bill seeks to lower number of PTSD retirements among cops

HF4026 would eliminate an incentive created by a 2019 state law allowing cops, firefighters, and other first responders to retire without first seeking treatment for PTSD that could get some of them back on the job.

State tax breaks add up, annual report shows

It’s the $15.5 billion that no one talks about. Maybe it’s because the term, “tax expenditures,” sounds wonky or sends people scurrying away in fear that it’s a more complic...

Environment committee approves proposed boater safety course, permits

HF3787 would create a watercraft operator’s permit that would be phased in over the next five years.

Goal of proposed ethnic studies program would be promoting diversity, inclusivity

HF3434 would incorporate ethnic studies into social studies graduation requirements, require the Department of Education to adopt ethnic studies standards, and establish a task force to advise the department on ethnic studies standards and curriculum.

House energy committee considers the cost of climate change

Let’s lead with the good news: We are not doomed. It’s more than possible for humans to slow the effects of climate change by becoming a net-zero carbon-emitting species. Bu...

Elections panel OKs bill with aim to shed ‘more sunshine’ on independent campaign expenditures

A bill aims to help voters know who is behind independent expenditures trying to influence elections.

Easing mortuary licensing requirements would relieve funeral staff shortages, says bill sponsor

HF1888 would allow unlicensed individuals operating under the supervision of a licensed mortician or funeral director to perform certain tasks.

MSHSL briefs House lawmakers on plan to tackle racism, harassment at school sporting events

A top MSHSL official shared details of a new league initiative to improve behavior at high school events, as well as schools in general.

Proposed moratorium on new deer farms moves on to environment committee

HF3273 would prohibit the Board of Animal Health from approving new registrations for the possession of farmed white-tailed deer.

Explore Minnesota could be tapped to accelerate hospitality industry hiring

A model from across the border could help rebuild the workforce in the hospitality industry, which employs one in 10 Minnesotans in normal times.

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