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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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House votes to fund $25 million on ALS research, family caregiver support

SF3372 would appropriate $20 million to promote research related to prevention, treatment, causes, and hopefully an eventual cure.

House passes plan to scrub state investments of ties with Russia, Belarus

HF4165 would direct the State Board of Investment to divest Minnesota’s investments from Russia and Belarus within 15 months.

Minnesota businesses could get a tax credit for sending workers back to school

In these days of “the Big Quit,” when workers are leaving their jobs in record numbers, what can a business do to find qualified employees to fill open positions? Perhaps th...

House environment panel OKs bill to appropriate $47 million from state's Clean Water Fund

Replacing lead service lines, monitoring for contaminants and funding conservation reserve enhancement programs would be some focuses of the proposed state appropriation from th...

Help could be on way for victims of polar vortex price spikes

Sponsored by Rep. Julie Sandstede (DFL-Hibbing), HF3944 would create a refundable tax credit for people using municipal utilities that experienced extreme price hikes in February 2021.

House panel hears bills targeting improvements in early child care

Gov. Tim Walz has said improving access to affordable and quality child care is one of his priorities. Some of his proposals helped shape HF4569, which seeks funding to expa...

Keeping housing affordable the goal of community stabilization bill

When he was a city councilmember, Rep. Michael Howard (DFL-Richfield) saw the impact of maintaining naturally occurring affordable housing. One of the city’s largest afforda...

Is climate change part of the bonding discussion? Ratings agencies say it is

When a severe storm blows through your area, a river floods your town, or an extended drought starts affecting the year’s crops, you’re unlikely to respond by thinking, “How is ...

Legislative task force proposed to examine long-term aging costs

According to the state demographer, more than 1 million Minnesotans will be at least age 65 next year. By 2030, that number is expected to be around 1.25 million. And per th...

Omnibus education policy bill is unveiled, gets high marks from some

The omnibus education policy bill would modify academic standards requirements, include compulsory instruction in ethnic studies, prioritize alternative student discipline provisions, institute new policies to empower American Indian students, and amend the student bullying statute.

More help for vets? Service officers and organizations could see more funding

Veterans looking for assistance in their post-service lives could get more help as lawmakers may provide additional funding for those people and organizations dedicated to helping veterans.

Used car prices must be prominently posted under proposed legislation

HF2824 aims to increase transparency by requiring auto dealers to prominently display the price of a used car so prospective buyers know it before submitting a credit application.

Health panel lays over bill on community-based dental care pilot project

Some people avoid dentists out of fear — justified or not — of having a painful experience. Others can’t get dental care due to financial reasons, mobility issues, or langua...

Free college grant program proposed for Minnesota State schools to aid future workforce

Held over for possible omnibus bill inclusion, a bill would create a free college grant program to cover remaining tuition and fees for students enrolled at state colleges subject to a sliding scale based on reported family income.

Millions in funding proposed to help workforce boards meet employment challenges

Workforce shortages and the challenges racial inequalities pose to the state economy have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporters of HF4134 believe Minnesota w...

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