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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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Closing state's achievement gap a top aim of Walz's K-12 budget proposal

Closing the achievement gap and promoting equity are two tenets of the governor’s proposed education policy plan. It is also about making a high-quality education available ...

Private property I&I prevention could be partially publicly funded under bill going to governor

Upgrading a sewer line doesn’t sound pleasant and is not a glamorous or visible home upgrade, but it can be important. A backup could be worse and costly. Inspections for a ...

Proposed tax on wine shippers aims to grow MN wine industry, sponsor says

HF2168 would impose a 2.5% tax on direct wine shippers, would require direct shippers to obtain a license and would establish a Minnesota Grape and Wine Advisory Council.

State’s projected budget surplus swells to $9.25 billion

What was expected in November to be a $7.7 billion General Fund surplus is now up to $9.253 billion for the current biennium, according to an updated budget forecast.

Week in Review: Feb. 21 – 25

Just less than three months ago, state officials predicted Minnesotans would have a $7.7 billion budget surplus for the fiscal 2022-23 biennium. But the February 2022 Budget and...

Bill calls for repeal of MN’s ‘discriminatory and outdated’ fornication, sodomy and adultery statutes

HF2770 would repeal the sections of state law prohibiting fornication, adultery and sodomy.

Companion Animal Board creation gets some committee affection

Sponsored by Rep. Mike Freiberg (DFL-Golden Valley), HF208, as amended, would chiefly create a 13-member board to “protect and promote the welfare, social well-being, and physical and mental health of companion efforts.”

House passes $1 billion plan for frontline worker bonuses

Workers on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic could receive up to $1,500 each if their jobs put them at risk of contracting the virus during Minnesota's peacetime emergency.

Bill to let retirees return to work without pension problems, passes House

As COVID-19 continues to linger, the tougher it has become to maintain an adequate number of health care workers.

Sagging MN tourism industry could get a boost

The continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can still be seen on the Minnesota tourism industry and House lawmakers are looking to provide some financial help.

$15 million in incentive bonuses proposed to spur new peace officer hires

HF3188 would give newly hired peace officers bonus pay if they successfully complete their first year on the job.

Bill hopes to boost efforts helping teachers, students improve financial literacy

HF3393 would help the the Minnesota Council on Economic Education continue its mission through a $150,000 appropriation in fiscal year 2023.

Supporters say boost in funding vital for disability council to continue its work as advisor, advocate

The Minnesota Council on Disability needs a boost in funding to ensure it has capacity to address the diverse and growing needs of the disability community, say advocates of HF3275, sponsored by Rep. Kelly Moller (DFL-Shoreview).

House panel approves bill to restart RentHelpMN’s application process

HF3667, sponsored by Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL-Falcon Heights), would appropriate $330 million from the state fiscal recovery fund to continue operation of RentHelpMN.

Lobbyists could be required to disclose financial interests each year

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) thinks lobbyists should have to annually disclose certain financial interests.

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