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Act Summaries: 2001–2002

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts in the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Our strong suggestion is to review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 3Continuing education requirements for physician assistantsLaws 2001, Ch. 3
Chapter 4Adult foster care and family adult care license capacityLaws 2001, Ch. 4
Chapter 10Alcohol and drug counselor licensing requirementLaws 2001, Ch. 10
Chapter 12Surplus lines insuranceLaws 2001, Ch. 12
Chapter 14Designation of Old St. Anne's PassLaws 2001, Ch. 14
Chapter 15Trusts: principal and income allocation; antilapes lawLaws 2001, Ch. 15
Chapter 16Federal law enforcement arrest authorityLaws 2001, Ch. 16
Chapter 17Vacation of town road in Hokah TownshipLaws 2001, Ch. 17
Chapter 22Endurance contestsLaws 2001, Ch. 22
Chapter 24Repeal of obsolete highway and traffic lawsLaws 2001, Ch. 24
Chapter 25Disqualification for school bus driver endorsementLaws 2001, Ch. 25
Chapter 29Authority to grant waivers and variancesLaws 2001, Ch. 29
Chapter 31Respiratory care practitioners, athletic trainersLaws 2001, Ch. 31
Chapter 33Designer Selection BoardLaws 2001, Ch. 33
Chapter 35Respite care in ICFs/MRLaws 2001, Ch. 35
Chapter 36Nursing facility closure plansLaws 2001, Ch. 36
Chapter 37Licensing requirements for foreign-trained dentistsLaws 2001, Ch. 37
Chapter 39Council on Black MinnesotansLaws 2001, Ch. 39
Chapter 41Itasca County Chemical Dependency Demonstration projectLaws 2001, Ch. 41
Chapter 43Tail lamp exemption for implements of husbandryLaws 2001, Ch. 43
Chapter 45Charitable organizations reportsLaws 2001, Ch. 45
Chapter 46Repeal of obsolete rules: Health Department, Board of Chiropractic ExaminersLaws 2001, Ch. 46
Chapter 49Review of physician assistant delegated dutiesLaws 2001, Ch. 49
Chapter 50Real property - miscellaneous changesLaws 2001, Ch. 50
Chapter 52Construction payment bondsLaws 2001, Ch. 52
Chapter 56Omnibus financial institutions billLaws 2001, Ch. 56
Chapter 59Licensing of card club employees; racetrack medication rulesLaws 2001, Ch. 59
Chapter 60Repeal of motorcycle handlebar height restrictionsLaws 2001, Ch. 60
Chapter 61Public employee per diemLaws 2001, Ch. 61
Chapter 63State fund mutual insurance companyLaws 2001, Ch. 63
Chapter 69Nursing home administratorsLaws 2001, Ch. 69
Chapter 70Department of Employee RelationsLaws 2001, Ch. 70
Chapter 74Temporary variances from basic life support ambulance staffing requirementsLaws 2001, Ch. 74
Chapter 76Surety bondsLaws 2001, Ch. 76
Chapter 83Recreational vehicle length and equipmentLaws 2001, Ch. 83
Chapter 84Possession and use of asthma inhalersLaws 2001, Ch. 84
Chapter 86Rural Policy and Development Center staffLaws 2001, Ch. 86
Chapter 89Repeal of obsolete transportation rulesLaws 2001, Ch. 89
Chapter 90Social work licensingLaws 2001, Ch. 90
Chapter 91Release of accident report dataLaws 2001, Ch. 91
Chapter 92Detention of persons at card clubsLaws 2001, Ch. 92
Chapter 94State long-term care insurance programLaws 2001, Ch. 94
Chapter 96Omnibus gambling actLaws 2001, Ch. 96
Chapter 97School bus provisionsLaws 2001, Ch. 97
Chapter 98Annual check of bus driver license statusLaws 2001, Ch. 98
Chapter 100Architectural, engineering contractsLaws 2001, Ch. 100

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