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About Minnesota House Research Department

Minnesota House Research Department was established by the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1967 to provide research and legal services to the Minnesota House and its members and committees. The work of the department focuses on services for legislative decision-making, helping House members and committees develop and evaluate government policies and laws. The department is an agency of the House of Representatives as a whole.

Staff Directory

NameTitleSubject Areas
Burress, MattLegislative AnalystTransportation
Chun, RandallLegislative AnalystHealth & human services
Cope, JustinLegislative AnalystTaxes; housing
Crow, MadisenLegislative Assistant
Davis, MaryLegislative AnalystCivil law
Diebel, JeffreyLegislative AnalystPublic safety; veterans & military affairs
Eleff, BobLegislative AnalystEnergy
Fastner, JulieLegislative Assistant
Ferlic, CharlotteAdministrative Aide
Gehring, MattStaff CoordinatorState government; elections & redistricting; legislature
Griffin, ChelseaLegislative AnalystCapital investment; local government
Haigler, AlexandraLegislative AnalystTaxes; gambling regulation
Hammes, ConnieAdministrative Aide
Hopkins, NathanLegislative AnalystCivil law; data practices; higher education
James, MartaLegislative AnalystLabor
Johnson, BenLegislative AnalystPublic safety
Klarqvist, ElisabethLegislative AnalystHealth & human services
Kleman, ChristopherLegislative AnalystTaxes
Koehler, RachelLegislative Assistant
Mach, AnnieLegislative AnalystHealth & human services; early childhood
McCormack, PatrickDirectorRules
Pampuch, LarieLegislative AnalystCommerce; banking
Parra, CristinaStaff CoordinatorEducation policy
Punelli, DanyellLegislative AnalystHealth & human services
Scholin, AnnaLegislative AnalystEconomic development
Strom, TimLegislative AnalystEducation finance
Sullivan, ColbeyStaff CoordinatorAgriculture; ways & means
Sunderman, SarahLegislative AnalystHealth & human services
Swanson, JaredLegislative AnalystProperty taxes
Taylor, JanelleLegislative AnalystEnvironment & natural resources
van Dyck, BrendaEditor/Publications Manager
Vance, MaureenLegislative Assistant
Ward, MaryIT Assistant
Williams, SeanLegislative AnalystIncome taxes

Contact Information

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Fax: 651-296-9887

House Research Department
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St. Paul, MN 55155