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Act Summaries: 2003–2004

Act summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts in the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Our strong suggestion is to review the language of the law itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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SummarySubjectLaw Text
Chapter 3Statement of need and reasonablenessLaws 2003, Ch. 3
Chapter 9Intergovernmental transfersLaws 2003, Ch. 9
Chapter 10Terrorism coverage in commercial property insuranceLaws 2003, Ch. 10
Chapter 11State employee labor agreementsLaws 2003, Ch. 11
Chapter 12Uniform Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Protective Proceedings ProvisionsLaws 2003, Ch. 12
Chapter 14Women's Right to Know Act (abortion)Laws 2003, Ch. 14
Chapter 15Human services licensing/background study recodificationLaws 2003, Ch. 15
Chapter 16Nursing home moratorium exceptionLaws 2003, Ch. 16
Chapter 18Veterans affairsLaws 2003, Ch. 18
Chapter 19Long-term care insuranceLaws 2003, Ch. 19
Chapter 20Purchasing alliance stop-loss fundLaws 2003, Ch. 20
Chapter 21Joint Underwriting AssociationLaws 2003, Ch. 21
Chapter 22Examiner and Health OfficerLaws 2003, Ch. 22
Chapter 26Veterans affairsLaws 2003, Ch. 26
Chapter 28Permits to carry pistols; possession of firearms by violent felons; DNR administrative provisionsLaws 2003, Ch. 28
Chapter 32CremationLaws 2003, Ch. 32
Chapter 35Immunity for reports to law enforcementLaws 2003, Ch. 35
Chapter 36Financial Crimes Task ForceLaws 2003, Ch. 36
Chapter 37Services to persons with Alzheimer's diseaseLaws 2003, Ch. 37
Chapter 39Hazardous Materials Incident ResponseLaws 2003, Ch. 39
Chapter 45Vehicle lights to be displayed when visibility restrictedLaws 2003, Ch. 45
Chapter 47MA capitated payment optionLaws 2003, Ch. 47
Chapter 49Flashing blue lights at front of emergency vehicleLaws 2003, Ch. 49
Chapter 52Evictions Actions; Security Deposit Interest RatesLaws 2003, Ch. 52
Chapter 57Child care licensingLaws 2003, Ch. 57
Chapter 62Amended prescribing authority for optometristsLaws 2003, Ch. 62
Chapter 65Limiting Liability for Public Notification of EmergenciesLaws 2003, Ch. 65
Chapter 66Health care professional boards disciplinary costs and penaltiesLaws 2003, Ch. 66
Chapter 71Joint and several liabilityLaws 2003, Ch. 71
Chapter 72Deadline for moratorium projectsLaws 2003, Ch. 72
Chapter 75Ballot question deadlineLaws 2003, Ch. 75
Chapter 82Negligent fire resulting in injuryLaws 2003, Ch. 82
Chapter 86Search WarrantsLaws 2003, Ch. 86
Chapter 87Health-related advisory councils; nursing requirements; and speech-language pathology and audiologyLaws 2003, Ch. 87
Chapter 92Exemptions from seat belt requirementsLaws 2003, Ch. 92
Chapter 96DWI Breath Testing InstrumentsLaws 2003, Ch. 96
Chapter 99Reporting of adverse health eventsLaws 2003, Ch. 99

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