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Bill Summaries: 2021–2022

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 4First EngrossmentSchool Assistance Related to COVID-19All versions
HF 5As introducedFunding for child care providers 
HF 6First engrossment, as amended by H0006A1Rebuilding areas damaged by civil unrestAll versions
HF 7First EngrossmentEarned sick and safe (ESS) timeAll versions
HF 8As amended by H0008DE1Prescription Drug Purchasing ProgramAll versions
HF 9Fifth engrossmentElections, Campaign Finance, and RedistrictingAll versions
HF 11Fourth engrossmentMinnesotaCare Public OptionAll versions
HF 12First EngrossmentLandlord and Tenant Laws; COVID-19 Peacetime EmergencyAll versions
HF 14First EngrossmentBroadband fundingAll versions
HF 19As introducedMedical Assistance (MA) Payment for Injectable Drugs 
HF 20As IntroducedWritten notice before eviction complaint 
HF 21As introducedEmergency Shelter Funding 
HF 23As introducedElection day registration; use of medical bill 
HF 26As introducedSocial Security Income; 100 percent subtraction 
HF 28As introducedSafety of persons with dementia or Alzheimer's disease 
HF 29As introducedPrivate Joseph Marthaler Memorial Bridge 
HF 30Second EngrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust FundAll versions
HF 31As introducedTransportation management organization 
HF 32As introducedElectric-assisted bicycle regulations 
HF 33As amended by H0033DE1Civil penalties for interfering or disrupting youth athletic activities 
HF 35First engrossmentWebsite Accessibility Grants to Local GovernmentsAll versions
HF 37As IntroducedWorkers' compensation for school employees 
HF 38As introducedDisaster assistance contingency account funding 
HF 39Third EngrossmentEmergency Rehire and Retention LawAll versions
HF 40As amended by H0040A1Rental assistance program for low-income householdsAll versions
HF 41Fourth EngrossmentEmergency paid sick leave for essential workersAll versions
HF 42As introducedEmergency Services, Isolation Spaces, and Housing Support Appropriations 
HF 45As introducedATV Trails 
HF 46As introducedTaxpayer Receipt 
HF 56As IntroducedCoverage of lymphedema treatment 
HF 57First engrossmentMedical practices; current standard charges, price comparison toolAll versions
HF 58As amended by H0058DE1Prescription Drug Price Reporting and Benefit TransparencyAll versions
HF 59As introducedAll-payer claims database 
HF 60As amended by H0060DE1Parental notice of and participation in contested case hearings 
HF 61As introducedCreating an Office of Ombudsperson for Child Care Providers 
HF 63As introducedLake Mille Lacs economic relief program loan forgiveness 
HF 64As introducedTrunk Highway 55 corridor transit 
HF 65As introducedPlymouth; fire station refundable construction exemption provided 
HF 70As amended by H0070DE2Energy conservation in state buildings 
HF 72As introducedDaylight saving time 
HF 75Second engrossmentCivil asset forfeitureAll versions
HF 78As IntroducedHazardous Substances 
HF 79First EngrossmentPFAS in Food Packaging BanAll versions
HF 80First EngrossmentFarmer-lender mediationAll versions
HF 83As introducedElectronic Benefit Transfer Cards 
HF 88As introducedVeteran adult day care programs 
HF 89As introducedRanked-Choice Voting Authorization 
HF 94As introducedPermit to carry renewals 
HF 99As introducedReinvest in Minnesota Reserve Program 
HF 101As IntroducedEmergency management 
HF 102As IntroducedPayday Lending 
HF 103As IntroducedDriving privileges; diabetes 
HF 104As amended by H0104A1Wage deductions for credit card charges 
HF 106As introducedUnemployment benefits and Social Security offset 
HF 108As introducedRequest or use of credit information prohibited 
HF 109As introducedAutomatic sprinkler systems in existing high-rise buildings 
HF 111As introducedCounty and tribal overpayment reimbursement 
HF 112As introducedManufactured home parks sale notice 
HF 113As introducedRecognizing Canadian orders for protection 
HF 114First engrossmentSuspending the expiration of civil deadlines 
HF 118As introducedCredit for stillbirths 
HF 128As introducedCollecting and making certain data on bail public 
HF 133As IntroducedDNR Lands Bill 
HF 135As IntroducedTemporary Experience Rating 
HF 151First EngrossmentEnvironment and Natural Resources Trust FundAll versions
HF 152As introducedState Fire Museum 
HF 156As introducedIncreasing Funding for the Education Partnership Program 
HF 157As IntroducedLead Fishing Tackle 
HF 158As introducedAbsentee Voting Instructions 
HF 161As IntroducedEnvironmental hazards 
HF 162As introducedIssuance of birth records and identification cards to homeless youth 
HF 163As amended by H0163A1Parenting with a disability support services pilot project 
HF 164As introducedEnergy conservation 
HF 167Third engrossmentMaking presentencing investigation reports optional in some felony casesAll versions
HF 168As amended by H0168A2Environmental justice 
HF 171As IntroducedEasement Stewardship Accounts 
HF 178As introducedAgriculture 
HF 180As introducedCarlton County and Pine County soil and water conservation districts levy authority 
HF 181As introducedMaplewood; fire station and emergency management center construction exemption provided 
HF 184As introducedLawful gambling equipment purchase exemption provided 
HF 187As amended by H0187A1City of Oakdale; local sales tax authority 
HF 191As introducedByllesby Dam 
HF 195As introducedHomestead application deadlines 
HF 208First EngrossmentPets and companion animalsAll versions
HF 214As IntroducedForests and Carbon Sequestration 
HF 216As introducedRamsey; public works facility refundable construction exemption 
HF 217As IntroducedTeachers 
HF 218As introducedPost-release employment for inmates 
HF 219First EngrossmentGame and FishAll versions
HF 224As IntroducedEpinephrine auto-injectors in schools 
HF 228As introducedInvasive Species 
HF 237As introducedConfidential informants 

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