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Bill Summaries: 2021–2022

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 501As amended by H0501DE1Tax conformity 
HF 502First engrossmentDWI license reinstatement provisionsAll versions
HF 503As amended by H0503A1Air quality permits 
HF 505As IntroducedCommunity education teachers 
HF 514As introducedItasca County; local sales tax authority 
HF 515As introduced911 Telecommunicator Working Group 
HF 520As introducedCoverage of contraceptive methods and services 
HF 521As introducedMA Postpartum Care 
HF 523As introducedRoad usage charge 
HF 524As introducedArrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency appropriation 
HF 525As introducedVirginia; public facility refundable construction exemption 
HF 526As introducedAccess to certified birth or death records 
HF 527As introducedStreet impact fee 
HF 528As introducedLocal housing trust fund grants 
HF 530As introducedBetter Futures Minnesota appropriation 
HF 537As introducedDeputy Richard K. Magnuson Memorial Highway 
HF 550First EngrossmentClimate justice instruction 
HF 551As introducedPlymouth; local lodging tax expiration date removed 
HF 553First EngrossmentState IDs for InmatesAll versions
HF 561As IntroducedTeachers 
HF 562As IntroducedGraduation requirements 
HF 566As introducedService and support animals in public accommodations and housing 
HF 567As amended by H0567A1Housing discrimination testing fundingAll versions
HF 568As introducedProvision of emergency care to police dogs by emergency medical personnel 
HF 569As introducedTobacco use prevention and cessation 
HF 570As amended by H0570A1Limiting individual-use screens in preschool and kindergarten 
HF 572As introducedTobacco use prevention and cessation account established, revenue dedicated, and money appropriated 
HF 574As introducedBloomington; fire station refundable construction exemption provided 
HF 575Second EngrossmentNotary Publics; Civil MarriagesAll versions
HF 584As introducedCity of Floodwood; local sales tax authority 
HF 585As introducedMinnesota GI Benefits 
HF 586First EngrossmentVolunteer DriversAll versions
HF 587As introducedFull-Service Community Schools 
HF 592As introducedVeterans stable housing initiative; data sharing 
HF 593First engrossmentPeace officer conductAll versions
HF 600Ninth EngrossmentAdult-use cannabisAll versions
HF 601As introducedHousing support 
HF 602First engrossmentMinneapolis transit fundingAll versions
HF 603As introducedPublic labor relations 
HF 604As amended (H0604A5)Face coverings required in certain settingsAll versions
HF 607First EngrossmentAutomatic Voter Registration 
HF 608As introducedSolicitations near a polling place 
HF 609First engrossmentMN.IT Technical and Miscellaneous ChangesAll versions
HF 610As introducedGoodwill Easter Seals Minnesota's FATHER Project appropriation 
HF 611As introducedSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 
HF 612As introducedUjamaa Place appropriation 
HF 613As introducedIncreased penalties for human trafficking offenses 
HF 614As introducedGross misdemeanor sentence 
HF 616As introducedLead Safe Homes Grant Program 
HF 617As introducedGrant to ParentChild+ program 
HF 618As introducedBurnsville; tax increment financing districts authorized 
HF 620As introducedDentist loan forgiveness, dental residency grant program 
HF 626As IntroducedCoverage for diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases 
HF 633First EngrossmentIndividual and small group prescription drug benefitsAll versions
HF 634First EngrossmentOutdoor Heritage FundAll versions
HF 635As amended by H0635A1School-linked mental health grantsAll versions
HF 638With author's amendment (H0638A1)Luxury vehicle surcharge 
HF 639First EngrossmentClean Water FundAll versions
HF 640As introducedLaw enforcement oversight and training 
HF 641As introducedVeterans jobs tax credit 
HF 644As amended by H0644A1Use of environmental settlement/litigation money 
HF 646As introducedMetropolitan Council bus emissions and routing 
HF 648First EngrossmentScreenings and testing for opioids 
HF 649As IntroducedConcurrent Enrollment Teacher Partnership 
HF 650As introducedBuffalo; fire station construction exemption provided 
HF 654As introducedMinnetonka; fire and police station refundable construction exemption 
HF 655As introducedBig Brothers Big Sisters appropriation 
HF 656As introducedCLUES appropriationAll versions
HF 659As introducedBrain injury waiver 
HF 660First engrossmentContinuing education by hospitals and birth centers; maternal morbidity studiesAll versions
HF 661As IntroducedAgriculture 
HF 662As introducedRedistricting; allocation of incarcerated populations 
HF 663As amended by H0663A1 and H0663A2-1Personal Care Assistance and CFSS Program Integrity and Payment Rate Methodology 
HF 668As introducedGrants to expand access to child care for children with disabilities 
HF 669As introducedTimely provider credentialing by health plan companies 
HF 670As IntroducedPesticide 
HF 672As introducedNortheast Entrepreneur Fund appropriation 
HF 675As introducedRescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II 
HF 677As introducedModifying definition of reemployment assistance training 
HF 678As introducedHelmets to Hardhats 
HF 679As introducedBridges to Healthcare appropriation 
HF 681As IntroducedChildren's Museum of Southern Minnesota 
HF 682As amended by H0682A1Online continuing education for manufactured home installers 
HF 683As introducedSpecial Education Aid and Adjustment; Duluth School District 
HF 687As amended by H0687DE1Security expenses as noncampaign disbursement 
HF 693As amended by A21-0054City of Grand Rapids; local sales tax authority 
HF 694As introducedFirearm Background Checks 
HF 695As introducedDWI enforcement by conservation officers 
HF 696As introducedGovernment Data Practices: Department of Natural Resources data on minorsAll versions
HF 698As introducedHuman sex trafficking investigations; model policy 
HF 699As IntroducedSubstitute teachers 
HF 701First EngrossmentAgricultureAll versions
HF 702First engrossmentMunicipal hotel licensingAll versions
HF 703As introducedRepurposing an unspent water infrastructure appropriation 
HF 707Third engrossmentCriminal Sexual Conduct Statutory ReformAll versions
HF 709As IntroducedMinnesota Council on Economic Education 
HF 710As IntroducedTeacher training 
HF 711As introducedEarly education teacher licensure 
HF 713As introducedMFIP Household Report Forms 
HF 715As introducedConstruction Careers Foundation appropriation 
HF 717As introducedCivil statute of limitations extended for peace officer actions 
HF 718Second EngrossmentPesticidesAll versions
HF 721As introducedInternational Institute of Minnesota Appropriation 
HF 722First division engrossmentSubstance use disorder treatment rate increaseAll versions
HF 724As introducedHistoric structure rehabilitation credit 
HF 725As amended by H0725A2Educational Services to Children in Residential Treatment Facilities 
HF 726As introducedEqual Rights Amendment; Proposed Amendment to State Constitution 
HF 727As introducedEqual Rights Amendment; Proposed Amendment to State Constitution 
HF 728Third EngrossmentRedevelopment appropriation bondsAll versions
HF 729As introducedPeace officer accountability 
HF 730As introducedPublic safety policy and training consultant grant program 
HF 733As IntroducedNatural Resources Asset Preservation 
HF 736As introducedSartell; food and beverage tax modified 
HF 738As introducedLake City port authority 
HF 740As introducedIntermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities payment rates 
HF 745As introducedExempting HIV medications from copayments 
HF 749As introducedPatrol Inspector Robert H. Lobdell Memorial Highway 

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