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Children & Youth

The following write-ups are produced and maintained by Minnesota House Research Department, with some links provided to other sources.

Children & Families

Protection of Children

  • Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy
  • Reporting Maltreatment of Minors
    A 17-page overview of reporting maltreatment of minors as established in the Maltreatment of Minors Act. The act establishes a system for reporting possible child abuse and neglect, and its related laws and rules. July 2022.
  • Sex Offenders and Predatory Offenders: MN Criminal and Civil Regulatory Laws
    A 33-page information brief describing the state's laws applying to sex offenders and predatory offenders including information on crime definitions, criminal penalties, mandatory sentencing, and civil regulations like the community notification law. January 2012.
  • Youth and the Law
    A 135-page guidebook explaining state law and court cases that establish rights, responsibilities, and protections for youth, including information on economic protection, education, health and social services, and criminal justice. December 2020.

Juvenile Justice

Archived Materials

The following materials have been archived and may contain some information that is not up-to-date. "Archived" materials are no longer actively maintained by House Research Department and are generally at least five years old. Current materials are provided in the previous topics.

  • Access to Government Data Maintained on Juvenile Offenders
    A 4-page information brief that answers questions on information maintained on juvenile offenders by government agencies. September 2004.
  • Child Care Assistance
    A 13-page publication that describes the child care assistance programs (MFIP and BSF), including their administration, funding, eligibility requirements, and use. November 2020.
  • Child Labor
    Answers basic questions about child labor, like the minimum age for employment and the type of employment minors can have. September 2003.
  • Parenting Leave
    Describes the what's covered under the state and federal laws mandating employees have job-protected leave when they have a newborn or newly adopted baby. November 2002.

Latest Materials


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