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Bill Summaries: 2003–2004

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 11st engrossmentDriver's license proof of identity and residency standardsAll versions
HF 22nd engrossmentRepealing and replacing the profiles of learningAll versions
HF 31st engrossmentJob Opportunity ZonesAll versions
HF 4Delete-everything amendment (H4DE2)Trunk highway bonding, expenditures of federal funds 
HF 51st engrossmentPrescription drug discount programAll versions
HF 61st engrossmentRequiring public school students to recite the pledge of allegiance (See the act summary for chapter 120)All versions
HF 7As introducedPublic safety officer death benefits 
HF 11As introducedRepeals limited market value phase-out schedule 
HF 15Delete everything amendmentMinnesotaCare eligibilityAll versions
HF 17As introducedEstablishing an auto lease program under MFIP 
HF 291st engrossmentMinnesotaCare provider tax repealAll versions
HF 301st engrossmentLocal comprehensive plans in the metropolitan areaAll versions
HF 40As introducedJudicial selection procedures 
HF 411st engrossmentKandiyohi and Willmar joint economic development authorityAll versions
HF 421st engrossmentProhibiting spending public funds on ballot questions 
HF 511st engrossmentLong-term care insurance (See the act summary for chapter 19)All versions
HF 57As introducedAdditional liquor licenses in St. Michael 
HF 601st engrossmentAbsentee voting 
HF 642nd engrossmentRulemaking; statement of need and reasonableness (See the act summary for chapter 3)All versions
HF 671st engrossmentCity councils with wards; redistrictingAll versions
HF 74Bill comparison summary with S.F. 79Relating to state governmentAll versions
HF 75As introducedJoint and several liability 
HF 78As introducedAlcohol beverage taxation; low alcohol dairy cocktails 
HF 82As introducedMaking the career and technical programs levy permanent 
HF 93As introducedSt. Paul, RiverCentre Authority, technical changes 
HF 95As introducedWagon and hay covers; misrepresentation 
HF 961st engrossmentPublic employer reimbursement for certain public safety officer benefitsAll versions
HF 99As introducedRequiring the CFL commissioner to estimate numbers of high school graduates 
HF 106As introducedLitigation proceeds 
HF 109As introducedMaking the career and technical programs levy permanent 
HF 1103rd engrossmentRecodification of marriage dissolution and custody laws, and recodification and reform of child support lawsAll versions
HF 1121st engrossmentReal property lawAll versions
HF 114As introducedState bonding for completion of trunk highway 610 
HF 120As introducedEliminating a requirement to file a teaching license 
HF 126As introducedSales tax exemption-Duluth Convention Center 
HF 1271st engrossmentMemorializing Congress and the president to fund their declared share of special education revenueAll versions
HF 134As introducedDisclosure of compensation and travel expenses paid to certain HMO employees 
HF 137As introducedHigher education finance 
HF 142As introducedFY 2003 appropriations reductions; education 
HF 146As introducedCrime data collection 
HF 1511st engrossmentPMAP and children receiving adoption assistance (See the act summary for chapter 101)All versions
HF 1551st engrossmentUniform commercial codeAll versions
HF 160As introducedReducing the revenue reserved for staff development activities 
HF 161As introducedBonding for bridge over I-694 
HF 162As introducedRequiring legislative approval for adoption of certain health department rules 
HF 164As introducedConsent to release of health care data 
HF 1661st engrossmentGuardianship, conservatorship, and protective proceedings (See the act summary for chapter 12)All versions
HF 168As introducedDefining information on home school students as private data 
HF 169As introducedTrust law changes 
HF 170Delete everything amendmentUniform Conflicts of Law-Limitations ActAll versions
HF 1711st engrossmentProhibition of casinos if locally disapprovedAll versions
HF 172As introducedReduces the grandfathered portion of LGA as the LGA appropriation increases 
HF 177As introducedStudy of ambulance insurance 
HF 179As introducedExpenditure of net gambling profits on fraternal organization utilities 
HF 180As introducedMortgage escrows for homeowner's insurance 
HF 1831st engrossmentTown authority over lawful gamblingAll versions
HF 188As introducedRequirements for foreign language teachers 
HF 1952nd engrossmentVoter integrity and voter access accountAll versions
HF 1991st engrossmentKoochiching port authority; foreign trade zonesAll versions
HF 201As introducedEmergency Medical Services Regulation 
HF 202As introducedEnhancing referendum revenue equalization aid 
HF 203As introducedMinnesota FAIR plan 
HF 2051st engrossmentAdjusting school district borders for certain split propertiesAll versions
HF 206As introducedRepeal of January 15 contract deadline and penalty 
HF 2081st engrossmentDefining electricity produced from burning solid waste as renewable energyAll versions
HF 211As introducedBeltrami County; tourism and economic development promotion 
HF 212As introducedExtension of expiration dates for certain health-related advisory councils 
HF 213As introducedMotor vehicle fires within right-of-way 
HF 2181st engrossmentReview of parent involvement programsAll versions
HF 2191st engrossmentEncouraging retired teachers to serve as short-call substitute teachersAll versions
HF 227As introducedRestoring voter eligibility to nonincarcerated felons 
HF 2281st engrossmentNursing facility geographic designationAll versions
HF 230Delete everything amendment H230DE1Licensure of professional counselorsAll versions
HF 234As introducedBonding for port development assistance 
HF 236As introducedTIF--Brooklyn Center 
HF 240As amended by authorWaste processing facility grant or loan obligations termination 
HF 241As introducedExtending the phase-out of limited market value 
HF 243Delete everything (H243DE1)Safe school levy; intermediate school districts 
HF 245As introducedLakes area economic development authority 
HF 2501st engrossmentInitiative and referendum constitutional amendmentAll versions

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