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Bill Summaries: 2023–2024

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 259As amended by H0259A1Elderly living facility exemptionAll versions
HF 263As introducedSpecial TIF authorization for Shakopee 
HF 267As introducedKnowing transfer of communicable disease 
HF 268As introducedForest products special permit 
HF 271As IntroducedStudent Discipline 
HF 274First engrossmentState emblems redesignAll versions
HF 279As introducedBoard of Dentistry mailing list services fee 
HF 281First engrossmentCarjacking ReportingAll versions
HF 282First engrossmentDriver's license and identification card dataAll versions
HF 283As IntroducedMetropolitan regional parks funding provisions modified 
HF 284First engrossmentHelmets to HardhatsAll versions
HF 286First engrossmentFunding for civil legal servicesAll versions
HF 288As introducedStadium bond transactions 
HF 289As amended by H0289A1Positive pregnancies grant programAll versions
HF 290As amended by H0290DE2Consumer Small and Short-Term Loans 
HF 293First engrossmentCurrent standard charges; medical and dental practicesAll versions
HF 294First engrossmentPrescription Drug Price Reporting and Benefit TransparencyAll versions
HF 295First EngrossmentCovenants not to competeAll versions
HF 300As introduced100 percent Social Security subtraction allowed, public pension subtraction established 
HF 302As amended by H0302A1Housing infrastructure bond eligible use added, housing infrastructure bond issuance regulated, bonds issued, and money appropriatedAll versions
HF 305As introducedEliminating the fee for uncertified copies of court documents 
HF 307As amended by H0307A1Community land trust property classification 
HF 310First engrossmentModifying residency provisions for level III predatory offendersAll versions
HF 311As introducedAppropriation for veteran retreats 
HF 314As IntroducedTenant Remedy Actions; Lien Holder Notification 
HF 315As introducedProhibiting certain fees by landlords; restricting landlord entry 
HF 316As introducedRepairs for residential rental units 
HF 317As introducedTermination of lease based on illness and disability 
HF 318As introducedCommunity wealth-building grant program 
HF 319As introducedWritten notice before eviction complaint 
HF 320First EngrossmentTeachersAll versions
HF 321First EngrossmentGovernment Data Practices: Educational Data and Directory InformationAll versions
HF 335As introducedModifying special TIF authority for the city of Savage 
HF 336As IntroducedDuluth School District; Special Education Funding 
HF 337As introducedTransit operator accessibility training 
HF 339As introducedCommunity Residential Setting Licensure Requirements 
HF 345First EngrossmentSchool AccountabilityAll versions
HF 346As introducedMedical assistance reimbursement for behavioral health services 
HF 347First EngrossmentLead in SchoolsAll versions
HF 348First engrossmentCost-sharing for drugs and supplies for chronic disease 
HF 351As amended by H0351A1Mazeppa; properties destroyed by fire construction exemptionAll versions
HF 352First EngrossmentAgricultureAll versions
HF 355As introducedHigher Education Facilities Authority 
HF 357As introducedInterstate transfer of offenders 
HF 358As IntroducedCivics Education 
HF 362First EngrossmentMental Health Services LeadsAll versions
HF 366Second engrossmentProvisions applying to persons receiving or providing reproductive health careAll versions
HF 367First engrossmentAllowing a child care provider to adopt an immunization policyAll versions
HF 368As amended by H0368A2Misconduct in Schools 
HF 369As introduced30,000 Feet 
HF 372As introducedDisclosure of PFAS in products 
HF 375As amended by H0375DE1Ban the Box 
HF 377As introducedMinnesota Council on Disability 
HF 381As introducedHigher Education: Teachers of Color 
HF 383As IntroducedState Employment and Retention of Employees with Disabilities 
HF 384As introducedAccess to services to diagnose and treat rare diseases 
HF 389As IntroducedLottery in Lieu Tax 
HF 390First EngrossmentMammogram Diagnostic Services and TestingAll versions
HF 393First EngrossmentPublic Utilities Commission complaints processAll versions
HF 396First engrossmentFirearm and ammunition storage requirementsAll versions
HF 401First engrossmentTransportation policyAll versions
HF 402Fourth engrossmentHealth care entity transactionsAll versions
HF 406First engrossmentCarbon monoxide detectors in hotels and lodging housesAll versions
HF 409As amended by H0409A4Inter-city passenger rail funding 
HF 410As IntroducedMetropolitan Landfill Contingency Action Trust (MLCAT) Account 
HF 413As amended by H0413A13Electric VehiclesAll versions
HF 414As amended by H0414A2Iron Range area; school building refundable construction exemptionsAll versions
HF 420As IntroducedFilings Fees of Marriage Licenses and Dissolution Petitions 
HF 423As IntroducedSupplemental Aid for School Construction Projects 
HF 424As introducedExpanding the list of qualified domestic violence-related offenses 
HF 428As introducedSpecial TIF authorization for West Saint Paul 
HF 430As introducedMultinational peacekeepers special plate 
HF 439As IntroducedGeneral Education Revenue Increased by 5 Percent per Year 
HF 442As amended by H0442A1Fifth tier income taxed established at 12.45% 
HF 443As introducedStudent loan credit expansion 
HF 444Third EngrossmentPathway Home ActAll versions
HF 445As introducedEvictions; notice requirements; expungements; housing discrimination 
HF 447Second EngrossmentCivil Law Major Policy BillAll versions
HF 449As amended by H0449A1Medical resource communication center grants 
HF 450As introducedEstablishing the crime of organized retail theft 
HF 451First engrossmentRotation of candidate names on ballot 
HF 456As introducedMaking permanent voluntary prekindergarten seats 
HF 457As introducedAvivo 
HF 462As Amended by H0462DE1Minnesota Zoo 
HF 463As IntroducedRural Finance Authority 
HF 466As amended by H0466DE3Economic Assistance Programs 
HF 467As amended by H0467DE1Higher education: emergency assistance grants 
HF 472As introducedIncreasing the penalty for assaulting a sports official 
HF 474As introducedStudy; registry for provider orders for life-sustaining treatment 
HF 475As IntroducedBioincentives 
HF 477As introducedPermanent Absentee Voter List 
HF 480As introducedMinnesota Council on Disability 
HF 489As IntroducedBetter Futures Minnesota 
HF 490As introducedDriver's license reinstatement 
HF 495As introducedPostsecondary Student Voter Registration 
HF 496As amended by H0496DE1Contributions During Legislative Session 
HF 498As introducedRoadside vegetation management 

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