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Bill Summaries: 2023–2024

Bill summaries are prepared by Legislative Analysts of the nonpartisan Minnesota House Research Department for House members, staff, and the general public. Generally, summaries are only prepared for bills that have been scheduled for public hearings.

Multiple versions of a bill summary reflects amendments to the bill that were adopted in committee or on the House or Senate floor. All versions of bill summaries, both most recent and previous, are available.

Our strong suggestion is that readers review the language of the bill itself rather than relying entirely on information in the summary.

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BillLatest SummarySubjectPrior Summaries
HF 503First engrossmentReintegration driver's licenseAll versions
HF 504As IntroducedSmall Business Partnership Program 
HF 505As amended by H0505DE1Building prison-to-employment pathwaysAll versions
HF 506As introducedFirst responder equine therapy 
HF 509As IntroducedLuce Line Trail 
HF 514As introducedExempting certain debt from the city of Virginia's debt limit 
HF 526As amended by H0526A1Single-member LLCs; sales tax exemption 
HF 535As IntroducedSchool District Operating Referenda Renewal by Board Action 
HF 538As amended by H0538DE1Peace officer licensure 
HF 544First engrossmentClinician-administered drugsAll versions
HF 552As IntroducedPFAS in Juvenile Products 
HF 558As amended by H0558DE3Early voting 
HF 559As introducedTrainee Election Judges 
HF 562As IntroducedTeacher Preparation Time 
HF 563As introducedDisplaced homemaker program 
HF 564First engrossmentSchool-linked behavioral health grantsAll versions
HF 568As introducedIntermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICFs/DD) Rates 
HF 570As introducedGrant to Reach Out and Read Minnesota program 
HF 576As introducedInternational Institute of Minnesota 
HF 580As amended by H0580A4Retail delivery fee; transportation funding 
HF 581As IntroducedMotor Vehicle Titles 
HF 583As introducedMinnesota Amateur Sports Commission sales tax revenue dedication 
HF 584As introducedHome care services rate increase 
HF 585As introducedMA home care services and homemaker services 
HF 586As introducedMinnesota State University, Mankato community behavioral health center and training clinic 
HF 597As amended by H0597DE4Local climate action grants 
HF 600As introducedFunding for delinquency treatment homes and violence prevention 
HF 601Second engrossmentReporting requirements for lost and stolen firearmsAll versions
HF 602As IntroducedEviction for nonpayment of rent; pending application for assistance 
HF 609As IntroducedSnowmobiles 
HF 610As introducedHeroes Helping Heroes Grant 
HF 612As introducedChild neglect; language access and acquisition 
HF 613As IntroducedCredits 
HF 615As amended by H0615DE3Fentanyl 
HF 620As IntroducedParaprofessionalsAll versions
HF 621As introducedGrants to regional emergency medical services programs 
HF 626First engrossmentMunicipal hotel licensingAll versions
HF 629As amended by H0629DE16LiteracyAll versions
HF 635As amended by H0635A1Election officials; intimidation and interference 
HF 637As amended by H0637DE1Cumulative Environmental Impacts Analysis 
HF 639First engrossmentCommunity solutions for healthy child development grant programAll versions
HF 642As introducedInterstate Compact; National Popular Vote for President 
HF 643As introducedAmbulance Provider Assessment Program 
HF 645As introducedUse of environmental settlement/litigation money 
HF 647As IntroducedEligibility for Discretionary and Mandatory Eviction Expungements 
HF 651First EngrossmentPersonal Finance EducationAll versions
HF 656As introducedPost-9/11 Veteran Bonus Eligibility 
HF 665As introducedRemedies for violation on prohibition on assigning military pay 
HF 669Second engrossmentBonding billAll versions
HF 670Second engrossmentGeneral fund appropriations for capital projectsAll versions
HF 671As amended by H0671DE3Penalties for Pollution Violations 
HF 672As introducedAir quality permits 
HF 673As introducedAir quality 
HF 674As introducedCommunity-based Air Quality Monitoring Pilot Program 
HF 675As introducedModifying Service Requirements for Petitions Challenging Property Assessments 
HF 677As introducedBicycle and active transportation policy 
HF 678As introducedPupil transportation safety 
HF 683As IntroducedIncreasing Basic Community Education Revenue 
HF 684As introducedSummit Academy OIC 
HF 685Second EngrossmentProhibition on Certain Corporations and Others from Converting Single-Family Homes to Rental PropertiesAll versions
HF 686As introducedUse of tracking devices on stolen vehicles 
HF 687As introducedHigher Education: Minnesota Inclusive Higher Education Act 
HF 693As amended by H0693DE1Direct payment system 
HF 694As IntroducedMinnesota Math Corps 
HF 695As IntroducedAgriculture 
HF 696As introducedCommunity first services and supports payment rates 
HF 700As introducedAdditional homeowner property tax refund 
HF 705As introducedFree individual income tax filing study 
HF 711As IntroducedBig Brothers Big Sisters 
HF 712As introducedAppropriation; family planning grants 
HF 716As introducedHome and community-based waivers shared services 
HF 717Second EngrossmentPrince Rogers Nelson Memorial HighwayAll versions
HF 721As introducedWorking family credit expansion 
HF 722As IntroducedCRP State Incentives 
HF 731As introducedPurple Heart special plates 
HF 732First engrossmentIncome limits for housing supportAll versions
HF 733As introducedNursing facility, elderly waiver, and customized living payment rates 
HF 734As introducedNative landscapes on private land 
HF 735As introducedSoil and water conservation district aid program 
HF 741As IntroducedLiteracy 
HF 742Second EngrossmentPFAS in Firefighting FoamAll versions
HF 743As amended by H0743A3Housing policy changes and grant programsAll versions
HF 745As introducedOmbudsperson for corrections 
HF 747As amended by H0747A5Solar Energy in Public Buildings 
HF 750As introducedHigher Education: Tribal Colleges 

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